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computer working again!

Cindy RN

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I have had computer problems for 2 weeks! :( They were finally fixed last night :lol: I have been to Charlotte NC to my son's. His wedding is planned on Sept 6th so I attended the wedding shower while I was out there. I returned home and went straight into the hospital. :( I had acute bronchitis, my hubby said he thinks it was the 'recycled air' in the plane, AND I overdid it while there. Oh well, had a GREAT time. I see the Dr today for the followup and should resume chemo on Wed thru Fri. I will check in often.

I am so sorry to see we have lost some of our people in the last few weeks and I see a few have developed metastisis. Not what we want to hear. Prayers are out for all.

Love Cindy

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Welcome back. You keep going in and out and that worries us. Am so glad you got to go to the shower.

Hope your treatments go smoothly and that you enjoy the wedding.

Ginny D

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Good to hear from you and to know that your absence was merely computer related...love 'em or hate 'em, depending upon the moment's activity or lack thereof.

Glad you had such a good time with your son and I know you are looking forward to the wedding. Saying prayers for success with the current round of chemo. Stay strong.

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I am so sorry. I saw the post on another forum about your wife. This is a hard cancer to deal with, it is so fast growing. I must say she looked great in your photo!

I finished my third day of this months chemo treatments. I am tired but that is normal for me-Catch up later. Cindy

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