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Chemo Success

dads girl

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There are many factors involved in stoppimg chemo. a lot of the time it depends on whether the Onc feels it is or is not working. My wife has had multiple transfusions of blood for low counts. She fell ill and was taken off a drug that has shown promise. We will find out this week if treatments will be resuming on thursday I think. She is taking a break from this drug to regain strength. She was taken off of Tarceva when aScan showed the tumour was growing but not spreading. The Tarceva had reached the point where the Cancer became immune to it; thus not working. She has been through other combos as well and they were stopped because of Cat Scans of the tumour. It depends again on the Type of cancer and many other factors, not just any one thing. I do hope this will help for Info and Reassurance of this issue. Your Fathers Onc can give you a truer insight into this subject. Good Luck

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