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Does anyone believe in Carma?


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Or fate or something. My mom made the comment to me that she is dying and knows it but she has until January. I know exactly where she is coming from and thought the same last January. Heres the creepy part..my mothers sister died on January 10th 1972. My mothers mom died on January 10th 1991. Two of the three women in the family gone on the same date.

What do you all think? Isn't that at very least a reason for paranoidness(is that a word?) What do you believe. I have worked in nursing homes for 12 years and have seen dozens of times when people just plain wanted to go and they did. Scary stuff.


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My Husband was killed in a car accident on March 13th 1982

after 3 years I began dating one of his closest friends, his name was Mark. Mark was killed in a car accident in the same town and same date (except year) that my husband David was.

Karma?? I dont know... But I do know anything to do with 313 I hate and it is because of these deaths.

God Bless,


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I believe in Karma,,,,my husband Bill died August 21st 200l,,,,,,,my first great grandson was born August 21st 2004....... We were really blown away, as that date was an awful one.......until Camryn,,,now it gives us some joy! I know my husband had something to do with that child being born on that date,,,,,,to take some of the pain away for us.......................



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My paternal grandmother and I were always close. She was stricken with Alzheimer's and her mind went before her body. Prior to "her" being gone, we spent lots of time together - she was a new widow and my husband was stationed in Korea. Almost daily I packed up the 2 y/o boy and Gramma in a car and off we went...

My cancer diagnosis was January 28, 2003. My grandmother died on Friday, February 7 - I was still waiting for a surgical date... My parents had a funeral to schedule and didn't know what to do - I told them it didn't matter, whatever day they picked I would not be able to make due to surgery. They decided to bury her on Monday. Sunday night, 10:00 p.m., the surgeon calls that I'm on the schedule for Monday morning....

At the lunch after the funeral, everyone wondered where I was, after all, Gramma and I had been pretty much inseparable, how horrible of me not to go to her funeral! About the time I was going into surgery, the minister spoke up and asked those gathered to pray for Gramma's soul and for the surgeon's hand in my surgery. Is there such a thing as the power of prayer? I believe....

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I don't believe in fate because I believe we are given free choice. However, I do believe that if you believe something strongly enough, it will influence events -- like your mom being convinced she will die on a particular day. Elvis thought he would die at 42 like his mom, and he did -- he practically willed it. Sad. Don

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I believe when people die...many times they DO pick their moment to "let go". My mother was just fine when she entered the hospital for her 5 days of chemo, from the nursing home where she'd been for just 5 weeks. There was NO reason to think she was close to death until her 3rd day there.

My mother fell into a coma...but waited for me to fly in from CT to OR and then waited one more day till my oldest sis drove up from CA.

She died that night, after my sister and I left the hospital after spending hours with her...talking to her, reassuring her we'd watch over her two sisters (neither of my aunts had children...so we three nieces did take care of them.)

The date was December 24, 1985. Christmas Eve. In some way, I feel like Mom felt we'd never grieve more than we'd celebrate Christmas and family and being together...and so her "choosing" that date to let go was actually a blessing in ways.

Now we celebrate Christmas AND Mom's life on Dec. 24th. It's a time of great reflection for me.

My middle sister was sickly for years...and every time an "anniversary" passed....of dad's death, mom's, their anniversary or their birthdays....she would often get sick and end up hospitalized. I had spent 3 months taking care of our mother at her home, prior to putting her in the nursing home and heading back to CT. and for 2.5 of those months, my sister was hospitalized. She avoided dealing with mom's illness by getting good and sick herself. :roll:

My middle sis died on June 30, 1998. Mother's birthday - July 1st - was the next day. In this case, I was so grateful my sister didn't die on Mom's birthdate....but I never doubted that that was what she was probably "aiming" for.

I don't know if this is Karma so much as it's some sort of inner will we all possess, even when very ill....to stay or to let go.

I've always believed too, that sometimes a person lingers when they feel they have "unfinished business". As with my mom....I knew she'd worry about her older sisters...so we reassured Mom on that last night, that we'd take care of the aunties.

Less than three hours later...she was gone.

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I believe that the day you come into this world your life is already planned by God. I think each of us can make decisions that will affect what we reap out of life. Sow good seeds...reap good fruits. But, I do believe that our time on earth is already set when we arrive here. I believe each of us have pre-destined accomplishments that we are here to fulfill.

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Ann i certainly agree and does not the Bible say some where that there is a appointed day to die ...Now as for Karma or coincedence i had my heart attack on March the 12th and one year later either March the 11th or 12th as i'not certain i was Dx'ed with Bladder cancer. I personally feel that far to much new age thinking has crept into our live's but i promise i'll not get on the pulpit but the Bible does say that in the latter day's there would be a falling away from the truth.......

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