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New-My Dad Has Just Been Diagnosed Non-Small Cell Carcinoma

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I thought I filled out my profile as best I could but I apologize if you look at it and it dosen't offer much info, I don't know where to add any personal note. My dad is 69, and up until about 2-3 months ago, besides his arthritis and spinal stenosis (I know thats spelled wrong) he began having stomach pains, at first he thought it was a stomach virus, then the pains got worse, enough to go to a gastro doctor. The CAT scan revealed a mass in his pancreas, and cancer in both adrenal glands. Results came back to his GP and she ordered a chest Xray which revealed a mass in his lungs. Another CAT revealed a 4" x 5" tumor in his lungs, which after biopsy was diagnosed as non small cell carcinoma. We live in NJ and his onocologist has recommended chemo, my dad, mom and me just went to Dr. Richards, Franklin, NJ (onocologist) last Thursday. I asked alot of questions, but I don't even know what stage, I guess I have alot more to find out about. My Dad has lost about 12 lbs in the past 2 months, is very weak, in alot of pain, but finally he has realized that he has to take the pain meds every 4-6 hrs, not just when the pain becomes so severe, he can't even sit comfortably. I have so much to say, and thankyou for this forum for me to say it, I love him so much and can't imagine that he may have little time left. Dont misunderstand- we are all upbeat and positive as can be but I'm scared, I'm strong when I'm around him and my mom but I find myself breaking down into tears at any time, watching TV, enjoying a show, then 5 minutes later I'm crying.

Sorry for the run-on, I'm hoping reading subjects in this forum will help me deal with this. At this point I didn't know where to go. Knowing we're all in the same situation here, either having cancer or having a family member who does is a comfort within itself. Thank you

Carol Falco

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Welcome Carol ~

Sorry you find a need to be here, but you'll find lots of caring people to help support you thru those down times. Whatever you do, DON'T GIVE UP HOPE!!! As you read the posts on this site, you'll find MANY long term survivors here. I'm sure a few will be along anytime now to share their wisdoms and insights with you. Just wanted to let ya know I care.

Hang in there!


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So sorry you are having to go through this. Please know that you are not alone. We are all here to help each other. You have just become part of wonderful family of people. Some of the best you will ever meet. I am so glad you found us. I am sending prayers your way for you and your dad.



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Hi Carol

Welcome! You will find sooo much support here! I know exactly how you feel. My dad was diagnosed in august of 2004 but with small cell. As of today, he is feeling pretty good. He is still working! Just be positive and optimistic. There are lots of people on here who are out many years from their diagnosis. Just hang in there and be there for your dad.



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Welcome Carol.

I read through the forums here for a couple of months before I actually posted and introduced myself. There is more information here and more personal experience stories than you'll find anywhere else. Knowledge is power.

Sending caring thoughts and strength to you, your dad, and your family.


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Carol,welcome to our support family.You will find many knowing and caring people here.There are also many members here that are far outliving the odds.

Just about anything that comes along someone here has been there and done it,and will be able to give advice and support.

The beginning of this cancer buisiness is usually the scariest and worst to contend with.Once your dad is involved with treatments and a plan to fight the cancer it seems easier to deal with.Arm yourselves with knowledge and positive attitudes.

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Thanks for taking the time to post about your Dad. That in itself is a courageous thing to do.

I know what you mean about going to the appointment and not knowing what was said. Sometimes our fears get in the way of what we can actually hear.

Many of us find it helpful to take a tape recorder to the onc. visit. The doctors are very used to this and in fact, many encourage it because they know that much of what they have said doesn't get through.

Prayers good management of pain for your Dad and that the chemo will help to keep the tumors at bay.

Cindi o'h

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Glad you are here with us. I think you will find this group to be very kind, helpful and knowledgeable. Every case is unique, but similar in many ways. As you learn more about your Dad's treatment plan , you will know more of what to ask or look for here. There's nearly always someone that has had a similar experience .

This is a rough time . Know that we are here for you. Sending prayers to you and your family.


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Welcome Carol,

So sorry you find yourself with the likes of our motley crew, but hope that you find the comfort and support here that you need.

I remember well the feelings you described. In the beginning months of my husband's diagnosis I was terribly emotional. I was positive and upbeat one moment, and then the next second I would be in tears and usually at the trigger of the stupidest things. I would cry at songs on the radio or tv commercials. I was accutely aware all of a sudden just how much the media brings up cancer. I couldn't get away from it. I'd turn on the tv and inevitably every program had someone who was talking about or going through some form of cancer. Gesh, how did they expect me not to cry all the time? :roll:

But, whenever you are feeling down, or scared, or need an ear the wonderful people here will always be here for you. We are also wonderful at helping celebrate your victories (and your father will have victories) and we are wonderful at supporting you and your family in prayers (they really work here).

I would guess that with the progression your father has of his disease to his pancreas, he would be considered a stage 4. But, don't fear that silly staging number. It doesn't mean much to me. My husband is a stage 4 too. They told him he'd have about 9 months. Well, we are coming up on his 3rd year since diagnosis, and he is doing GREAT. He is going to beat this, and so can your father!

I am so very sorry your dad is having so much pain. Tumors in the pancreas can be very very painful. I know it has put Keith in the hospital twice for at least a week at a time with unbearable stomach pains. Often the pain is because the tumors inflame the ducts in the pancreas which causes the enzymes there to back up and start attacking the pancreas' lining. The one thing I learned about that pain is that it can decreased with a decrease in pancreatic enzyeme production. There are 2 ways to decrease production. For severe outbreaks they always made Keith stop all intake of solid foods, liquid only. But you don't want to do this often especially if your dad is loosing weight. (Keith lost 40 pounds with his 2 episodes). The other thing is to take a medication that tricks the body into thinking it has already produced the enzymes so it stops the production. The drug Keith took until his body got itself in control naturally (about 2 months) was called Pan-crease. I'd ask your father's onc about it if he isn't already on it. I truly hope that they can get this pain under control.

Your father, family and you are in my prayers - God's Blessing for you all


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Welcome Carol,

As you can see there are so many people here to give you support and can answer your questions, especially all the advice from Carleen.

Be there for him and if you can, go with him to his appointments. If you don't have a tape recorder as Cindi requested take a pen and paper and write everything down, so you don't forget. And if you have questions write it down also.

I know how scary this is for you. We have all been through this. But once he starts treatment, you all will feel so much better.

Just remember and this is very important. LC is not a death sentence. They have made so much progress from years ago. Do not listen to statistics as they have been beaten here time and time agin.

We are always here for you.


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