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Taxotere 2, Addie 0 (I fell last night!)


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Yesterday was dose two of Taxotere. It all went fine, although I'd let everyone know that my polymyalgia was flaring big time, and the neuropathy in my left foot was intensifying again. In short, I told them, I felt like crap. The doc was up to his eyeballs yesterday....so the nurse said she'd ask my questions and call me later.

Coop wanted to take me off the Marinol and put me on Elavil. I told the nurse I can't take anti-depressants. They depress the $#*T out of me. :roll: And actually, my appetite IS a tiny bit better so maybe the Marinol IS working. I figure my tummy has shrunk...so it'll take a few days to stretch it back out again.

The nurse and I decided to "stay the course" till I see Cooper on Friday.

But let me tell you, after dose two....NOW I've got the neuropathy bilaterally. Just that fast. Got up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom...with BOTH legs feeling like tree stumps. Coming back into the bedroom I lost my balance in the dark and fell onto hubby's nightstand, clearing it of clock radio, lamp, water bottle and virtually landing on poor hubbies rudely awakened self. He caught me before I hit the floor too.

My leg just gave out~! :?

Trust me....I go nowhere now without a cane and I am NOT waiting till Friday to see Cooper. The middle of my back hurts now too....in the area that was radiated....and I'm gonna insist on a bone scan or MRI as well as another brain MRI to make sure those two remaining brain boogers aren't adding to this balance problem.


My gluts are so sore it's hard to sit. Back is sore all the time. Cannot lie down and get comfy anymore....don't have the strength in my legs to stand up for very long.

Think I'm gonna pile into the jacuzzi today. Can't hurt...might help.

But now I know what they mean by, "sometimes the treament is worse than the disease". :roll:

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I'm sorry Addie. I feel like a moron, I have no idea what to say that won't sound trite. just know I am in your corner, rooting you on. I wish I could rub your glutes for you tomake them feel better...but there are SO many reason's I can't do that. :lol::lol: hubbie? are you listening?

anyway, I think you're right to go to the doc.

I am sending love and good vibes, in the absence of anything useful to say.



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Darn Addie this has got to be Crappy new's week. Addie i have no knowledge on the foot numbness but they did give us a huge Jar of a Choclate Mix called Suplemed Substi-MED that taste just like Hot Chocolate or regular chocolate milk and it will put the weight back on.That got my wife's weight loss turned around . Two week's ago she was down to 105 pound's and she is back up to a 114 pound's yesterday. Your in my Prayer's and great wake up re-action by your hubby....

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Thank God hubby caught you! I am so very sorry you are having such a rough time of this. I agree that waiting until Friday to see the doctor is a bit long. Oh, Addie, I so hope this gets all straightened out for you. You're much too sweet to be feeling this lousy! I'm saying mega prayers for you!

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Dearest dearest dearest Addie,

Oh honey,

Brian is asking me to send his complete empathy. He understands and he is in this with you.

I am frustrated that there is not one single thing I can say or do to ease any of this for you.

Lean on all of us here at LCSC.

We all love you.


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Dear Addie,

It breaks my heart to know that you are having all this trouble and feeling so poorly. It really does.

Taxotere is one of the toughest chemos to get, but it's also one of the toughtest ones to kill the disease. Hang in there, hon, and please feel my not-so-strong, but loving arms wrapped around you in a big hug.



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Doggonit, Anyway, Addie.

I just want to let out a swear line about this long.. or longer. I just hate that the neuropathy has you all twisted up.

Say. You gotta try a little wheelie walker. It is hard to lose your balance with one of those. It sounds as if both feet are affected now.

Sending Powerful Vibes to my little pal, the highness.

Taxotere score is running up there, but after that jacuzzi and the wheelie walker, can we give a couple points back to the black and blued Addie?

love, Cindi

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"I know the world isn't fair, but why isn't it ever unfair in my favor?" - Bill Watterson quotes (American Author of the comic strip Calvin & Hobbes, b.1958)


Imagine me saying every swear word I know - 'cause that's what I did when I read your post.

Time for the jacuzzi to earn its keep. Please, please, PUH-LEEEEZ Universe, lay off my friend for a while, will ya?! :evil:


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I have not had to go through the chemo route but I sure can relate to the balance problems. I get dizzy standing up. I have fallen several times also. Bad part is I don't remember falling. Sort of like I just blacked out. Have talked to my doctor about it and my MRI last year was clean.

Hope you can get the problem licked soon.

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Oh, Addie. If only we could all be there to keep you from falling, from hurting, from everything bad. I can only send you my positive thoughts and prayers that they figure out how to put you more at ease.

I haven't slept in a bed in years -- when I first was diagnosed, I was sleeping in a recliner (still love that now and then) and now I mostly sleep on the sofa where I can place pillows for support. (If I try that on the bed, they slip out from under me during the night.) Have you tried different things? Wedgie pillows, and stuff? I give up --just grasping at straws, wanting you to feel BETTER, and NOW, dangit.

Hang in there.


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Oh (((Addie))) dear,

I just don't know what to say. Things certainly haven't been very fair in your favor (per Leslie's quote) and it is making me very mad that there is really nothing we can do about it. I am just so sorry.

I know you love Coop....so hope he has something up his sleeve to help you. If not, remember the trials I mentioned a bit ago.

Please be careful in that jacuzzi....don't need any more mishaps, you know?

I hope you know that I am here hoping, wishing, sending the most very positive thoughts your way, Addie. Wish there was something more to do. You know you have all of our support. If that were enough, you would be running rings around all the shops in CT. Hope today is better and your sore back starts to feel better.

And I would say that Taxotere isn't ahead 2-0. I see it as an even game right now. You will be pulling ahead soon!



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Going in for an MRI of my spine at 1:30, and told Coop I wanted another brain MRI too, to check up on those last two tumors.

I had Paul standing by to turn on the jacuzzi for me and to help me in and out of it. He even dried my back for me...the love. It helped ease some stiffness...but it ain't gonna fix anything.

Please hold positive thoughts that this hasn't gone to bone?

Thanks. Will report in later. May know results by the end of the day.

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Addie-girl! Sounds like your husband has good hands. :)

I wish I could offer some insight but can only offer a lot of good vibes and crossed toes for scan results that show 'nothing'. Jim's neuropathy was always unkind. He would try to stand for a few beats before starting to walk just to get himself grounded first. He tried the Marinol, but didn't think it really helped him. So, he just tried to sell it to me. :wink:

Will wait to hear what the Coop has to say. Hang in there, we're hanging with you.......


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What an ordeal you are going through. It's about time you got a break. With all the prayers and good vibes going out for you, ITS FREAKIN TIME!!!!!!Hope your MRI turns out fine and you get back on your feet.

Looks like I may get a shot at Taxotere sometime soon. Got my CT Scan Monday after a two month wait and see period. Still feeling grrreat though. Can't figure it out. Onward and upward for us Kiddo. Let's kick some cancer butt.

God Bless.


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Well, Addie, my wife, Lucie, and I can empathize with you. I call the chemo "Taxoterror" with all the side effects Lucie had to go through, including neuropathy of hands and feet. BUT, it worked very well on a case that seemed hopeless. So, Lucie says if she had to take it again, she would. Hope things get better for you soon. Don

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