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Taxotere 2, Addie 0 (I fell last night!)


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Couldn't get in today for the MRI until 8:45 tonight. By then, I'm in my jammies, for crying out loud.

So....the MRI is tomorrow....but guess what? I saw Doc Reuben today....Coop wasn't available after all...and Reuben says I need to go back on..........

..........THE EVIL ORAL DECADRON~!!! :shock:

Worse yet, he's talking 4 mgs EVERY 6 HOURS. As if!

Today, I got an infusion instead. And will tomorrow too....but I'm hoping Coop will override the dosage because I cannot take that much. I just can't go thru that Decadron Craziness again.

Depending on what the MRI finds....I might need to go in the hospital for several days, Reuben said...especially if it's a bone met and needs radiation.

Sheesh. But if I'm hospitalized, at least I can get the Dec by infusion.

That and a tray of green jello might make me smile thru the pain. :roll:

I fell again at the top of the stairs earlier. Skinned my knee on my corduroy pants. :(

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Addie, can't tell you how many times I have read this post. Words just don't seem adequate. Here are some ideas:

My SIL has very bad neuropathy. She uses a machine on her legs, I think 1/2 hr. each leg every day and she says that it has given her tremendous relief. I will try and get the name of it.

Keep the he-- off the steps.

You know that I am sending bzillions of prayers and thoughts that all the tests come back with good news.


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Oh Addie,

I'm so sorry you are having a tough time. Too bad you have to wait until tomorrow for your MRI, but I agree, 8:30 tonight is way too late!!!!!

Take care around those stairs. Sending all my positive thoughts that the bone scan comes back negative.


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Good grief Charlie Brown. It sounds like you are really having a time of it this time. That falling and pain sounds like the taxotere is not what it is cooked up to be. Isn't there anything else you can try. I hope "Coop" agrees with you and reduces the dose or maybe gives it by injection. Can you take that at home if Paul sticks you? Does it have to be IV or can it be IM?

Praying for empty head tomorrow and a plan that isn't so taxing on you.


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