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Getting to know you - November 08


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That i believed Bill Clinton was innocent of all the missbehaviour with women.......But since i misread the question i have done a edit and will now answer the question. That i once was the youngest manager of a Grocery Chain ( 7-11 type)and my ancestry includes Jesse James ( his mother was third cousin to my great grandmother on my father's side)and on my mother's side the first member of her mother's side that came to America was a LT.Colonel under George Washington.

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I was a volunteer for "Contact" ( crisis line in New Jersey) and I once saved a person's life. She called to have someone talk to as she was very depressed. I talk her for awhile and realized that she did not want to live any longer. She just did not want to die alone.

Her words became really slurred. I ask her if she took anything. She said a bottle of valiums and Vodka. I had to keep talking to her to keep her awake and I very cautiously talk her into giving me her address.(we did not have caller ID at that time, etc) She did and the paramedics took her to the hospital. She had her stomach pumped and she survived. They said they just made it in time. :shock:

I followed up and was told that she was getting help.

To this day I think of her and I pray she got her life back on track. I feel she did.


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I ran for City Council in my town 5 years ago and lost by only 33 votes. That wasn't bad, considering my opponet was the director of the Chamber of Commerce! I'm still very active in local government and sit on a city board.

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For many years, Jim was a sandblaster and painter of large steel structures. In my early 20's, I helped him paint several water towers (he didn't have to hire a helper!). I don't like heights and I'm not an athletic girl, so let's just say it was interesting.

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I am a deep sea diver,

A volcano cinder cone climber

A pineapple eater

And a shark wrestler.

I have swam through lava tubes

I have deep sea fished for the big ones

I bait my own hooks, take off my own fish

clean them, and eat them too.

I rode in hundred mile bike ride.

I used to be a long distance runner.

I played on a softball team called the Aardvarks.

I sit in a darkhouse and love to spear fish through the ice

I have downhill snow skiied, Xcoutry skiied and water skiied.

I have ice skated

I have gigged flounder in Florida

I have shot bullfrogs in an Arkansas swamp at midnight

I love sushi

I knit

I dance a mean hula

I was cleared by the Secret Service to wait on our President.

And my favorite music is slack key guitar.

oh. did I mention humility? yes.

very humble.

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I am a twin (have a brother) and delivered two girls on the same day (April Fools Day) six years apart. Both deliveries were marked by major snow storms here in TN--we got about a foot of snow on April 1, 1987 and we got at least that much in March 1993.

If you back up 9 months, it's July 4th. :oops::D

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My great, great, great, great, great (not sure how many) grand uncle was Commodore John Barry, one of the founders of the American Navy. He came from County Wexford, Ireland, during the American Revolution. He never married, so his only decendents are nieces and nephews. My grandmother's maiden name was Barry and we were able to trace this thru her name.


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