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Ry, need the "pray for my dogs" pass


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Friday, I will be flying to Washington state to visit Jim's family. Will be nice to see them again. It might spur a tear fest when I return, but my eyes probably need some cleansing.

My Mom is coming up from Dallas to sit my badly-behaved-but-lovable dogs. I informed Mom that one has been trying to dig out, both have killed 3 squirrels in the last month, and they will wake her up at 5:00am each morning.

Mom said that Department of Human Services might be called out when someone reports that she had them locked in the closet for the 4 days that I will be gone. So, the dogs would like to request everyone's prayers that Grandma gives them treats and not detention. (By the way, she spoils them even more rotten than I do.)

Will check back in next Tuesday. (I'm hoping my cookbooks arrive before I take off because at least 4 of them are going to Jim's family members. They will be really excited.)



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Godspeed! Have a safe and memorable trip. Sometimes a good tear fest is a good thing...so long as it doesn't last too long!

Doggies, I am sure, will do just fine...will you??? Sometimes I think I miss Teddy MORE than he misses me when we are away! Hope you have a good report for us upon your return. You will be missed, by the way! So make sure you get online ASAP when you get home!



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