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Blessing ABC's .......


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Since Thanksgiving is quickly approaching, I thought we could all list a few of our blessings. I'll go first and name a blessing for me that satrts with the letter "A" Next person will list one that starts with "B" and so on....

"A" is for my Angel of a friend, Sue

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Ok, I'll be brave and tackle BIG C.

I am thankful for Cancer because it helps me to wake up every morning and be grateful for a brand new day when I phone my daddy in Texas and find out how he slept the night and how he plans to battle Cancer today. I swallow the lump in my throat and cancel the bile rising in frustration that he even has to deal with this beast. I am glad I can show him the best things about myself. I am glad my brother and sisters and my mom are the people they are and that they put on their game face when they need to and break down when it gets to be too much. I ahate to admit it but cancer is bring ing out the best in everyone and i am not surprised. WE're good people.

I am also grateful for the Cannabis plant. I know it is rarely mentioned here but a dear old friend baked some brownies and daddy eats more, listens to his favorite music and feels better at 4:20 pm. after he has chemo.

I am glad there is a Cyber Community that accepts me as a person dealing with cancer. I need you guys so much and all of you have been so kind and generous with prayers and suppport. There is a vibrancy here that I believe is healing the pain caused by Cancer. That feeling alone is a blessing for all who post here.

Thanks to each and everyone of you and may you all have good cancer fighting day.


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Oh man "V", let me think... Voyage. The voyage I've been on since Mom was diagnosed and then her passing and Dad getting married tomorrow has be a voyage of emotions that I can now say that I am thankful for. I never realized how much happiness and sadness someone can take. God has made me a stronger person because of this voyage; it taught me to seek Him and in doing that I also found all of you. We're on this voyage together!

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