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2 years for my mom


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My mom's two year anniversary was the first week of November.

It is funny, some things never change--still struggling with my weight, still neurotic, still have many of the same friends who are dealing with the same stuff, etc, etc.

YET, within the past two years I got married twice, acquired an entire new family here at LCSC, bought a new house, and dealt with my mom's cancer, her brain anyerusm, and triple bypass (those ailments alone within a two year time frame is wierd enough)


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Andrea... WOW!! I can't belive all you have been through in two misely years.

Congrats on your mom making the 2 year mark. I know she will have many many more. :D

Good luck with all the personal things you are going through. I know things will work out for you.

Maryanne :wink:

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Congratulations to your mom for being toughter than just about anything! She's really earned her two years congratulations the hard way. :shock:

The two of you look so full of life and laughter in that picture. Hope the coming years bring more reasons for smiles.

I've added your mom to my anniversary list so I can officially congratulate her next year!


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Andrea, it was SO nice to meet you and your mom and Brian this morning! But I'm kicking myself -- I forgot to tell your mom Happy Anniversary! She really does look MAH-velous, and as happy as her picture on your posts. You two really do look a lot alike - both beautiful.

It's hard to believe all she's gone through, and I would never have known from just meeting her today. She obviously came by her "lioness" moniker honestly.

I hope the next two years are full of just as much excitement, but all the POSITIVE kind from now on. Starting with a beautiful baby/grandbaby to keep you all busy!


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