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I just got out of the hospital this evening - after a 5 day stay for pnuemonia.

While I was there I happened to mention that this is LC awarness month. I was on the oncology floor of the hospital !! The nurses had no idea !!! They said they knew last month was breast cancer awareness month - but had no idea about lung cancer !! HOW SAD !!!


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It doesn't surprise me. I don't know that all the states recognize that November is Lung Cancer Awareness month. I know KatieB just had Texas certify that it is, but I'm not sure about the rest of the states.

I'm so sorry you have been in the hospital. I was in for 6 days back in August and couldn't wait to get home. But, I'm glad you are well enough to be home now.


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So sorry you've been in the hospital. Hope you're feeling much better now. I'm so glad you were able to inform the hospital and medical staff thet this is LC Awareness Month!!! Maybe they'll remember and pass the info along. Amazing how LC is still in the "closet."

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Glad you are out of the hospital and hope you are feeling stronger. Two years ago I asked my local Oncologist if she would display a Lung Cancer Awareness Poster at her office. The previous month was full of Breast Cancer Awareness posters and pink ribbons. The Lung Cancer Awareness poster was put up: on an inside facing doorway to a back room office that no one used.

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Sue- so sorry that you ahd to be in the hospital- I can't believe that November being LCA Month seems to be one of the "best kept secrets"-

I have been watching the Today show hoping that since Al Rokar's mom is a survivor that it might get mentioned.....nothing yet unless I missed it....so very disappointing!

I have had several friends who have had or currently have breast cancer and am happy for them that there is so much publicity out there for thier plight but have to confess, If I see one more pink ribbon I will scream! I went in to Old Navy a few weeks ago and they were selling pajama bottoms covered with pink ribbons (not to mention all of the other items that can be purchased at most department stores with the pink ribbon logo)!!!

Please do not mistake what I am saying- I do believe that it is important that the research be done but I guess I am feeling a bit cynical due to the fact that the disease the members of this list are dealing with is not getting any (or very little)publicity....

It is a sad statement that an oncology ward doesn't even realize it is lung cancer awareness month !!! Thank you for educating them!

Ok- I have vented-

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