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Results tomorrow


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Tomorrow'. is another results day. I get the results of the ct scan and I'm so hoping there is shrinkage. I also hope my blood counts are okay for chemo.

I have had new pain this week - my right side is bad, back, side, and front. My tumor is in my left lung, but I had bone met on the scapula which was radiated. But somehow the right side just keeps getting worse. I assume I have new mets - but I can't get radiation while I'm on chemo. Anyone have experience with radiation? Did the area still have pain? or the area around it?


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Hi -

My mom is also on carboplatin and gemzar. She did receive radiation while receiving chemo. What they did was give her carboplatin during the weeks of radiation -- and then added the gemzar to the mix when she finished the radiation.

Radiation has been extremely helpful to my mom -- who had been in excruciating pain and lost all mobility...she has had her hip/spine/neck radiated --on some parts she got results right after the first 10-12 radiation treatments...others its took 2-3 weeks after treatment stopped for some relief.

Additionally she is on fetanyl patches 24x7 which have helped a lot -- it took us a while to find the right mix.

Please let me know if I can provide you with any additional input.. I have been really involved with the pain management/radiation decisions.

I'll be thinking about you...and your scan.



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