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Now Uncle has cancer


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We received very sad news yesterday. My Dad's brother was dx with bone cancer. He has several mets ribs, spine, hip, legs. He is in so much pain he can not even sit up in bed. He is completly bed ridden. They have not been able to find the primary but they are taking a close look at the lung today. Two years ago he had spots on the lung that checked out fine, doctor never followed up on them. My Dad is completely devastated by the news. He has been so down lately and how he gets this news. I feel so bad for my Uncle and cousins. I know what a hard road they have in front of them.

There were three boys in my Dad's family and all ended up with cancer. Three for three makes me worried sick about my future. All three of the boys smoked, but quite a very long time ago. I told my husband last night that I want to get a scanner in my house and run through it monthly. He has a family history of cancer also so we are really just trying to live life to the fullest. What else can you do?

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My Uncle passed away yesterday afternoon. He only knew he had lung cancer for 5 days. He was in so much pain, now he is at peace with the Lord. He will be waiting for my Dad when his time comes. This is a very hard week for my Mom and Dad. Please pray for the Lord to give them strength.


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