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Prayer turns burdens into blessings.


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Hi all,

Below is an excerpt from our Church's Sunday message from a few weeks' back. I think it's very nice so I would like to share it to everyone on the boards. The message just hit me hard because as much as I hate to admit it, I have long been struggling with my prayer and quiet time habits. I'd also like to say that I drop by to read every day even if I fail to post and show the members my help and support. I've been having rough days at work (I work as a computer programmer) and might even be terminated soon if I don't improve my peformance. I digress.

Anyway, I hope you will find this helpful and inspiring. God bless everyone.


When God gives us a burden in our heart He intends it for character transformation. As John Bunyan said, "It is better to have a heart without words, than words without a heart." Are we walking by faith? If we are laden with burden, do we become a prayer warrior or a prayer worrier? It's sad to note that surveys show that prayer is not a priority for most Christians. Here are four reasons that point out the importance of prayer:

1) Prayer quiets our heart.

Amidst the din, distractions and dizzying activities, we need to get away and be alone with God. Prayer shuts out the noise, restlessness, and troubles around us. We cannot continue to worry and pray at the same time. One will push the other out, depending on which one we pay more attention to.

2) Prayer clears our vision.

Prayer enables us to see our situations through God's eyes and not our own. When we see what God wants us to see and we gain His perspective, we begin to think and act in line.

3) Prayer activates our faith.

As we pray, faith is increased and strengthened. Fears and doubts are driven away, then replaced with hope, peace, and perseverance. We are more equipped for the day's hurdles than when we have not prayed.

4) Prayer makes us wait.

We cannot earnestly pray and then rush off without a word from God. Waiting makes us sensitives to God's leadins and timing. Many times, we move ahead of God. We jump now and regret later. Waiting on God allows Him to lead and we simply follow.

The only footprints on the sands of time that will really last are the ones made after knee prints. We must reember, however, that God is more interested in the heart condition of the one petitioning that in the petition. He often answers by first working on the one making the prayer.

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