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Off Topic: Thank you to the Vets....

Fay A.

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Yes, let's let them know how much we appreciate them!

Today I'm especially appreciative of my Uncle Clovis who served in WWII. Also the husband of one friend, and the son of another, now in Iraq and/or Afghanistan - and wishing they could be home with their young families, but appreciating their service.

Hats off to all our vets here at LCSC, every day, but especially on this special one!


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Don was a Vietnam veteran and very patriotic. At his funeral, a woman spoke that worked with him for years and said that if you cut Don, he would have bled red, white and blue!

He wouldn't allow any kind of stickers on our automobiles, but he had a small American flag on his truck, my car and his motorcyle. He would only wear plain colored T-shirts and sweatshirts, but he would wear them if they had an American flag on them.

Last year on Veteran's Day, our son gave Don a card, and Don was very touched. He said nobody had ever given him a Veteran's Day card. Mike recalled that this morning and became very emotional.

We miss him so much.

Thank you for this tribute to our veterans, Fay. Thank you to all veterans. We love you!


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Amen to that, Fay. When I was driving downtown earlier, I was grumbling about the traffic, and realized it was because of the Veteran's Day parade. I'd sit still in my car all afternoon for those folks, and couldn't even begin to pay them back for all they've done, are doing, and will be doing for me.


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Thank you to all!

Veterans Day is a big day in my family. Every year my 6th grade class piuts on an assembly for the school/ church and all of our veterans. We have the kids call the family veterans (uncle, grandfather, and great-grandfather) and tell them thanks. I want them to grow up knowing what the veterans have done for all of us!

:) Kelly

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