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It's Meeeeeeeeeeeeee!!


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Yo Addie, I was just ready to log and go to bed, when I saw your post. It has really made my night. :D

I have a candle lit for you and it has been twinkling all night. That must be a good sign

So glad to hear from you. We miss you here and want you to come back soon. We need our Addie fix... :wink:

Right now we are taking care of you. There are so many prayers going out to you, you must feel it!

Take care my friend, hang in there. Mentally you are doing so well. You are such hero to me.

Your "additude" has always been up. and you have lifted many people up and have given your 'Addie' kind of encouragement along with your inspiring wit. But please don't feel that you have to be up all the time becasue that is expected of you. You are allowed to feel down, depressed and scared. That is just being human... we all get that way... then we get our "Addie" fix and find our way back.

Nite, I hope you sleep tight and they don't wake you up too much.

Take those pain pills, that seems to be helping you. :D

Maryanne :wink:

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You guys are the best!

Slept great from about 11: till nearly 4: this a.m. Big surprise last night...hubby showed up w/ oldest son AND YOUNGEST, TOO...WHO FLEW IN FROM CHICAGO!! Took a break from bus. school. So happy to see him...I was too stunned to even cry :wink: The whole fam-damily was together being raucous in Rm. 15 last night. :D No restrictions up here on visiting hours.

Other news....my bladder "blew up"....size of a basketball :shock: Tumor mass affected nerves that tell bladder what to do (as in, "PEE, you stupid sonovab*tch!!" :?:wink:

Yet I felt an urge to go every hour or so...which ain't fun when your legs don't work. :shock: Anyway, now I've got a catheter. HUGE relief....to have given birth to a basketball! :roll: I can sit here & drink all the tea I want...and not have to call for help to the commode! :wink:

Funny Oncology Unit factoid: THE MATTRESSES HAVE ALARMS ON THEM~!! :shock: If a patient who is NOT supposed to get out of bed w/out assistance gets UP...the mattress gives them away! :D Snitching mattresses....whoda thunk? Somebody down the hall is naughty....as their alarm has been sounding a LOT...and it sounds like a French police car coming down the hallway. NOT GOOD at 2: a.m. :roll:

Now....the nurse that checked me in on Thurs. said she felt I understood that I need assistance...SO SHE DIDN'T PLUG MY ALARM IN!! I'm so proud....not even here an hour & a star pupil already! :wink:

Phone's been ringing off the hook...visitors up the wazoo and emails & PMs galore. I have trouble catching a nap some days. Getting gamey though, so the visitors may stop coming :shock: No bath for 2 days.....NO TIME FOR ONE :roll:

That's all for now folks. Wore myself out w/ all this...but sending my love, thanks, best wishes, good thoughts, "Addietude"....pick what you need...but know I'm thinking of you all and sending my love no matter what 8)

Thanks too, for holding my pork chop~!!

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Be careful what you do on that bed, those alarms scare me!!!! Jeesh, what will they think of next???

Am on my way out the door to the Arts & Crafts Fair but couldn't leave without sending my thoughts to you and letting you know that you've got ALL my best wishes today girl...

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Well now, aren't you a grown up girl.......no alarm!!!

Glad you're getting some relief from the pain and that the peeing issue is resolved.

How wonderful that son #2 has come for a visit, can't imagine how anyone else got any rest last evening but at least you got some sleep in after!

Keep that chin up kiddo (aka your majesty), otherwise your crown will slip.

Sending nothing but good stuff your way.



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Alright Addie...looks like we've got your porkchop covered...

I've gathered a good number of chickens on your behalf ~ but I'm new to this. NOW what do I do with them? :shock: Deb? Ry?

You are so awesome, and brave, Addie. Prayers, positive vibes (and some chicken feathers :wink: ) heading your way!



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I have been thinking of you all day, Addie. Hope you and the 'boys' have been having a good time together and that the whole wing in the hospital has not had to be shut down due to your raucous behavior :wink:

Wishing you improvement hour by hour, friend. Be sure to keep us posted when you are up to it!



PS: Okay ~ just noticed you are ready for hugs...hm...wonder what the emoticon is for a hug? Will you settle for a :wink: ????????

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Hi Addie,

I am so busy but I had to take a minute to check up on you.

I needed your "Additude" fix today, and here you are you posted. Thanks so much for giving me a that "Addie" boost. :D

You sound really up, that is great!!

Praying for you big time. We have to get your mojo working..

Take care

Maryanne :wink:

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So good to see you! Ya gotta clear up P.T.A. bath or I'll be thinking some school organization set up fund-raising over your bed with the hose from last summer's car wash and a bucket o' suds! Would it just be a bath of parts hidden and prone to smelling bad when unclean?

Maybe if you're REAL GOOD, they'll let you brush your teeth and buff your head....

Love to you, get outta there soon!



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I can not tell you how happy I was to see the pork chop today. I have been praying so hard for you. You my girl inspire me so much, the way you fight this beast gives me so much hope for Alan!!!! Thank you for showing us all how this battle is to be fought, with such courage and grace.


Husband Alan DX small cell lung cancer Jan 10th 2005

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