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It's Meeeeeeeeeeeeee!!


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Ms. Addie! What the heck you doin' girl?! Other than sniffin' decadron and wiping body parts?! I'm back in OKC now and find that you have checked in to the Ritz. If you stay much longer, we are coming in a caravan and you just think you have heard rowdy.

Please follow orders and get those nasties cleared up ASAP (and I'm not referring to the P.T.A thingy) and get back home.

Here's the deal on those bed alarms. One time, I went home for a few hours in the middle of the nite and Mr. Jim decided he couldn't be waiting around for them to come assist him. So apparently, he spun unbalanced out of bed, started unplugging everything so he could wheel his IV in with him. Guess the nurse man ended up lecturing him about unplugging the BED! Moral of story - there is a way to deactivate the alarm but it is not advised. And you get scolded apparently.

Thinking about you,


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Jen...I am another friend of Addie (and Bibala) and I lurk here looking out for her, making sure she's telling *me* all that there is to know about her battle :wink:

She is in such great hands (fingertips?!) with you and everyone here and I'm forever greatful that you have found each other.

You asked where she is staying...she's in Danbury Hospital 11th Floor Room 15...does that information help? She hopes to be out by next Tuesday, so she won't be flying the coop quite yet...

humbly yours,


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I've been away and offline, so I've missed out on all the latest Addisaga...good to see your spirits are still as outragious as ever and that you're titillating the entire board from your hospital bed...that's tough to do, but not, I guess, for you.

To weave this together with the other thread, I too, hope to be part of the road trip -- they can pick me up right before they get to you, since we're almost neighbours, we southern New England folk. The last picture of the bus reminded me of psychedelic road trips of yore, a la kool acid etc., etc....we'll all have to get ready to rival your tripping on decadron...

Hope you'll fly out of that hospital soon and get back home where you belong....



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Guest Mainiac

Hello all, I'm yet another friend of Addie's (and Bibala's and Esstwobee's), posting here for the first time. What a wonderful group of people populate these boards!

Nancy B wanted to know Addie's mailing address at Danbury Hospital.

It's 24 Hospital Avenue, Danbury, CT 06810, and as esstwobee said, she's in Room 15 on the 11th floor.

My very warmest wishes to you all.

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