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Spine Hemangioma?


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I haven't posted in quite some time. I have been lurking and learning, but continue to deal with the stress of this darn disease.

6 weeks ago I had my regular 3 month ct scan - which came back suspicous in my spine, so I had a PET scan, again suspicous (spine). A spine MRI found a hemangioma of the spine. Doc felt that this was not a met but wants to keep an eye on it.

Fast forward another 6 weeks (yesterday), and I had another PET and MRI. This time the PET didn't light up on my spine, but the MRI noted the "hemangioma/or unknown" changed on my spine.

Grrrrrr - They aren't sure what it is, but feel that since the PET didn't light up, they feel that it probably isn't a met.

We again will scan in 6 weeks to see what happens. SO I guess I am stable again.

Anyone else have any similar experiences with hemangiomas?

Continued wishes for good health to all,


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I don't have a hemangioma on my spine, but I just had one removed from my hip a few weeks ago. They are vascular lesions, and are only removed when they cause problems. If I had a suspected one on my spine I personally would be insisting on an appointment with a Neurosurgeon who specializes in Spine Research for his opinion on what to do about the thing.

Once again...if a suspected Hemangioma were found on the Spine of anyone other than a Cancer Patient they would most likely receive a referral to an appropriate medical professional for evaluation and treatment.

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A lesion does not have to be malignant to result in serious injury/illness. A benign brain tumor can grow large enough to cause problems. So can a benign lesion on/in the spine.

Hemagiomas can and do present serious problems depending upon where they are located and if they become a problematic size for the location. I have a close relative who had one the size of a grapefruit growing in his chest and restricting his heart. It had to be removed. I have a great nephew who has a large one on his little back. He is too young for that kind of surgery just yet (he's not even 6 months old yet), but a specialist who deals with these kinds of vascular tumors stated that when my great nephew is a little older the Hemagioma will have to come off. In the meantime they will have to exercise extra care when they hold him, because his bleeds at the barest touch.

Bottom line, Wendy, if you are concerned about this (and if I were you I would be) then you should consider insisting that you be given a more thorough evaluation. We are talking about your spine. The decision is yours. But a lesion of any sort on your Spine or in your Brain is cause for concern.

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Thanks ladies for your thoughts and opinions.

Fay I hear you loud and clear on getting it checked by a specialist. I think I just needed to hear it from someone other than myself!

I wouldn't have known it was there other than it showing up on my CT scan. Unfortunately my father died from Lymphoma about 15 years ago. He was treated 10 years prior, and it metastasized in his spine..... but it was treated as a back problem for a year before they realized what it was.....which of course is very disturbing to me right now.

Thanks again for your thoughts. I will let you know how things go.


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