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chemo radiation


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You need to tell us what chemo you are taking before we can respond on the possible side effects. The side effects vary with the chemo type and the patient. Often the side effects (nausea, fatigue, etc.) do not show up for a few days after the treatment.

Radiation does not hurt initially, but it is cumulative in its affects. Toward the end of treatment, fatigue is the main side effect and the area radiated may become inflamed. Good luck. Don

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The chemo is given to you through an IV for a period of several hours. There is no pain other than the needle prick when they insert the needle. They can also give you some medication for anxiety and for nausea. The radiation is not painful to receive at all. Later you may develop some soreness. Ask what creams you should use if you do. I did not have fatigue with my chemo before surgery and I think it was because the chemo was not as strong as the chemo that I had after surgery. It is all very scary to begin with but it does get better.


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