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Thanks all for your encouragement. I did show shrinkage - another 20%, so my 8 cm tumor is down to 5 cm. Still have a ways to go , but the chemo regimen is still showing benefit. I'm on carboplatin and gemcitibine on a 21 day cycle. It's a trial where the dosage is higher than normal and the treatment plan is based upon the protein in the tumor. (they started with a needle biopsy).

I do continue to have a problem with my red blood count - I take a multiple vitamin, and an iron supplement and aranespa (was every 3 weeks, but my dr just changed to every 2 weeks).

My scan also showed a pneumonia. But the doctor isn't worried about it since I have no symptoms. He thinks it make by from the radiation I had in June. And he told me to keep swimming.

Sorry this is so long - I'm just so happy to feel good and have good news. Every day is precious!


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Great news. We all love the word shrinkage! Great idea to be swimming, exercise is good for your stamina bothe physical and emotional! Thanks so much for sharing with us. Donna G

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