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What now?


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As I said in an earlier post I am done with the radiation and only two more Chemo treatments. But here's the funny part. Since I have been off the treatments I've lost more weight. I've lost a total of 40 Pounds since this all started. Look like a scarecrow, or my avatar. That's not all. Last Tuesday 8 Nov, the wife and I were having a quiet night at home, watching a movie and had just ordered some pizza for her (I still can't eat it), when a neighbor knocked on the door and said there were flames coming out of the chimney. Next, another neighbor, a firefighter comes over and says that there is way to much smoke and fire coming out of the chimney. Needless to say, the chimney was on fire and it had gotten into the walls of the house. The fire department responded and got the fire out before it did to much damage. The bad part is though the house was uninhabitable though because of damage to the wiring and stuff. So now we think we are homeless and all our stuff is messed up. The landlord found us another place the next day, the red cross gave us a hotel for three days plus meals, and then we have to move all our stuff down the street to the new place and try and get the smoke smell out of everything. So the question is WHAT NEXT? Never let it get you down because there is always someone worse off out there than you.


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You need to check with the Landlord to see if he has Renter's Insurance to cover the cost of cleaning and replacing your personal property. Unless it is stated in your lease agreement that you are responsible for maintenance of the fireplace and chimney and the house in general then it may be his responsibility to maintain them in good working order (in good repair, cleaned out and creosote removed by a chimney sweep so as not be a fire hazard). Check to see if you have Renter's Insurance on your belongings.

I've lost everything I owned a time or two. I am so sorry you are dealing with this on top of everything else. And bringing in smoke damaged furniture, etc. is not a good thing to do for your lungs. Can you contact the red cross in your local community to see if they have some fire asssistance funds?

Part of my weight loss came from my stomach having shrunk a lot. Even though I am eating I can no longer ingest the same amount of food I was taking in before I got so sick. I now take many tiny meals each day as opposed to the three I was use to. By eating these smaller amounts I am able to maintain my present weight (so far).

Hang in there, Ralph. You are overdue for a good break.

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I know you feel completely overwhelmed right now. But believe me, there is a bright side to everything. Try to find it. I will be praying for you.

"Blessed is the man who perseveres under trial, because when he has stood the test, he will receive the crown of life that GOD has promised to those who love Him." Jamies 1:12



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I know how deparaging things must feel right now. Thank God for the neighbors, the fire dept., and that it wasn't YOUR house that burned!

Thank God that the Red Cross is there to help you out.

Please make use of every resource that you can think of to come to your aid and rescue.

Many prayers coming your way. Hoping that you will find blessings in the smallest of things to carry you through.

Cindi o'h'

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