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Addie, is you still in the chicken coop?


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Do we need to fire up the ol' chicken bus to break you out? Are you locked up in the henhouse or taking a break at Club Med with the cabana boys and "feel good cocktails"?

Hope you are feeling more like your ol' self with every bit o' radiant light shone on your sore spots.

Love to you, Addie, keep on keepin' on!



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Miss Addie..

long as they got you cooped up (with Coop? :P ) don't go thinking that it is necessary to go into egg laying mode...

We are all out here clucking up a storm for you girl, hoping and praying that you will be feeling back to your perky little self very soon.

Love you, dear.

Cindi o'h

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Hey Beck!!! Are we goin' in the big "PINK" bus again? Love it!

Addie girl, hope you are up to a bit of an update soon. I have been looking for a couple of days now. Don't scare us all like this! I'm worried unflattering behavior may have you put out, ya know? Or you set off your bed alarm! Or you didn't cooperate for your PTA bath!

We're all sending everything positive we got!



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Kel ..

Snowflake is driving the bus, but while she is taking a pit stop, I can commadeire control and we would all love to com'n get ya! It's not that far out of the way.

Canada. That is the country to the North of America, right? NO problem. You guys speak English up there or Canadian? No worries. We can get interpreters.

I just love a good road trip.. where is that Maryanne? dangit.


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I'm from Michigan, I speak Canadian, eh?

I'll swing down and get RY and the other Michigan folks and then make a "long cut" through Ontario (heck it's just an inch from here to there!) on the way to Addie in the big pink bus! Bring some tunes, I'm wearing out my Zydeco CD from my honeymoon in New Orleans! I've had time with the glue gun since we freed Fay A., so there are MORE pompons hanging over the windows and all kinds of glittery things to catch yer eye.

Oh yeah, and we installed a small hot tub in the back that seats 15. Can't get a flat cuz it took the room of the spare, but I have my priorities right! I'll see if I can find a picture of the bus on the web for you all to see...

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Well Addie went and did, waited 'til I went away for the weekend and got herself into the hospital.

Glad to see that Becky has the bus ready, the hot tub is a nice touch. I do have a shopping bag full of yellow feathers left over from the Chicken Little party I went to. I think we should all wear some in our hair to let Addie know that Fay is sad we couldn't swing by and pick her up.

Addie dear, until we get there, hang tight and get your party outfit on.

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I am just so excited about being a member of the chicken cult. Ry used to have a five buck fee to join you know...good thing she forgot.

speaking of forgetting... there are so many East Coast friends to pick up along the way... We can drag 5 of Frank's kegs behind us while he soaks his tootsies in the tub... where is Connie while he is endangering himself with us? Let's not forget Dadstimeon. Those two boys would be good culters, for sure.. Addie ...we're coming!

I have pink and lavendar feathers to decorate the windshield wipers. And Becky, I haven't worn out my Buckwheat Zydeco...I have a couple around here we can throw in to get the woofers and "tweeters" singin.

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Addie,I'm changing the oil in my perrywinkle redneck pickup.Loading it with Pa.chickens,bud lite (that's beer),donuts (mostly chocolate but there are others as well),and a shotgun.We'll get you outta there don't worry.

I was also mowing the grass out back and found my 1965 station wagon so that's available as well if we need it to pick up more east coasters on the way.

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I am here Cind,

Been a little preoccupied lately. :roll: But hey, when it comes to Addie I have to take time and respond.

Yes, Yes, I am ready for the road trip. You can swing by NJ on the way to New England.

I am just a little afraid to be riding with some chickens with that bird flu scare :shock:

But hey, I am up to it if you can get Addie out of there. I am sure she is sick of green jello by now (yuk) Got to get her some good home cooking from our LCSC recipe book..

Count me in. :wink:


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I need a revolving door on this room! :shock: Barely spent an hour alone since I've been here...but do I ever sleep well at night??? 8)

Will be in here until rad is complete....thru next Monday. Then they'll assess if I can go home or need rehab for a few days. Legs are the issue.

I'm so blessed with wonderful friends...local and thru cyberspace. I'm watching for the "Big Pink Bus". Will you all be singing? (I know, Frank...you can't sing and suck down a Bud Lite at the same time :? ...so you're off the hook for the chorus :roll: )

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