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Heather is a star!


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Here is the link:

I had the priveldge of catching it on the news.


A growing number of young healthy women, like Dana Reeve are getting lung cancer that is not related to cigarettes. 15-percent of people with lung cancer never even smoked. Medical Reporter Stephanie Stahl has one New Jersey woman’s story.

36-year-old Heather Saler cherishes every moment with her son Tyler. For her, it is precious time that may be running out.

“85-percent of people die,” Saler said of her disease.

Saler has stage-three lung cancer, which seems improbable. She is young, never smoked, was not routinely around second-hand smoke, and was very healthy.

“It’s scary it’s hard, its very hard,” said Saler.

After surgery two-years ago, she endured grueling radiation and chemotherapy, always with her husband Brad and Tyler in the back of her mind.

“One night I just looked at him and I was just like, ‘I'm not giving up, he's six-years-old and he needs me,’” she said.

Now Sayler’s on a mission to live and to beat the odds.

Just like Dana Reeve, another young mother who first made head lines with an unsettling new trend, healthy, non-smokers with lung cancer.

“The surgeon general called lung cancer of women quote, ‘A full blown epidemic,’” said Dr. James Stevenson.

Dr. Stevenson at Cooper Hospital says no one knows why and, making the situation worse, there are usually no symptoms of lung cancer, so it is often diagnosed late.

“The problem is that we do not have a screening test for lung cancer,” stated Dr. Stevenson.

Saler’s cancer was discovered by accident and now, trying to prevent a reoccurrence, she is on a macrobiotic diet

But it might not be working. C.A.T. scans show new spots on one of her lungs.

“I still hold on to hope that it’s not cancer,” said Saler. “Common sense tells me it most likely is.”

One doctor told her to get her affairs in order so she is starting a scrap book with notes for her son Tyler.

“He asked me, “Do people die from lung cancer?’ Yeah they die from lung cancer. He's like, ‘You're really lucky mom,’” described Saler. “I don't know how much further to take it with him, you know I don't wanna make him a promise that I can't keep.”

Saler is hoping for more time so better treatments can be found, maybe even a cure.

She wants other women to know about this hidden threat. The problem is, there is not much you can do. Some C.T. scans can find early stage lung cancer, but they are not routine.

You need to pay attention to any kind of breathing problem. See the links below for more information.

(© MMV, CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights


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Heather came across great. I wish you all could have viewed it.

I am so proud of her.

Heather looked great and she came across very professional.

I hope this is opening the eyes up of many people who thought LC was a smokers disease.

They also brought up about Dana Reeves who is a non smoker.

Even though Heather scored a victory on TV, it is so sad that she is so afraid that she will not see her son grow up. It was a very emotional interview.

Heather, I know you will beat this.

Prayers always sent out to you.

It was a great eye opening interview.


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Thank you all for your very kind words!

I must admit though, that I was dissapointed with the final outcome of the piece. The interview lasted over an hour and the camera man was actually at my house for 3 hours, filming all sorts of things. I very specifically spoke of the fact that November is little known "Lung Cancer Awareness Month"; and that the smoking stigma continues to hinder federal funding; and that while several other cancer advances have grown in leaps and bounds, lung cancer statistics have stayed the same for decades. I hyped up our walk (raised $45,000 this year); talked about being an "advocate" and all that needs to be done to increase awareness and funding.....etc.

Unfortunately, they cut all of that out and focused on the "emotional" aspect of things. And while I will admit that ANY press is good press -- the story seemed to lack focus/direction. Why were they telling the story? What can people do? What needs to be done? Ultimately, it ended up just being a sad story. And I am thanking God this morning that my parents did not see it! :roll:

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I'm sorry they cut out what you most wanted left in. I know just how that feels and what you mean. I did several interviews here in MN a few years back and only ONE interview went how I wanted it to, and that's because I TOLD them to make an issue of this that and the other things. AND when they would drift off in the interviews about smoking and lung cancer I wouldn't answer them. I kept saying over and over "this is a CANCER ISSUE" NOT A SMOKERS ISSUE! They finally figured it out! :roll:

Well, dear you DID GOOD! It's a step in the right direction! The public is brainwashed on Lung Cancer & Smoking and it's going to take a lot of time and effort to change that. But, we can do it! One Interview at a time!


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I can understand your frustration about editing. Just FYI Heather, what I got out of it was a story on how no one is immune from the disease, and how it is on the rise in young women who never smoked, and how women need to pay attention b/c there are no warning signs.

I am so inspired by you!

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I agree with Kelly, it was nice to see a beautiful woman humazing lung cancer, it can happen to anyone for heaven's sake!

The next time someone passes by a LCSC booth, they will remember you and your family. They are touched by your story and will know that LC does deserve their attention.

I thought it was wonderful. Thanks for doing it!

You make a difference.

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I just looked at the video again, and while it is emotional, it's a real story with a real person!!! And a very good looking one at that!!!

Your feelings about Tyler are feelings we have all had. My little guy is almost 20--I will forever see his little 7 year old face smiling at his mama the day I picked him up from school after getting my first DX.

Sometime I think the news team is too hyped sometimes--

KYW and Stephanie Stahl followed Carol Erickson's breast cancer awhile back. For those of you not from the area, Carol is on the news team and had early breast cancer. I actually emailed them and told them to tone it down, that I had had breast cancer 2x, and they were scaring the hell out of me!!!

Anyway girl, ya done good!!!


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