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Maybe it's the rain. It started raining last night and is still raining and going to rain some more. Maybe it's the holidays. Maybe it's some issues brewing at work. Maybe it's that winter's coming. Maybe it's . . . . . Who knows? It's just a cloudy day - in reality and in my mind.

I hate driving in winter and Don always encouraged me and coached me, and would tell me take this road or stay off that road, and I always knew he would come get me if I got stuck. And now . . . . Well, it just feels like everything stinks right now.

I know it will all feel better tomorrow, or as Don would say, tomorrow I will be "more better".

And yes, Ry, I'm hugging you right back, as well as everyone else. And yes, Frank, guy hugs are good. In fact, I had a breakdown at my desk this morning and had my back to passers by, but our youngest and newest associate (younger than my son) got down on his knees beside me and hugged me and stayed with me for about 20 minutes. Guy hugs are good. I've always said that if it moves, I'll hug it.

Thank you guys. I just needed to unload somewhere. Tomorrow will be "MORE BETTER"!

Love to all,


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