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Nervous About Friday


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Well, looks like my mom will have another CT scan of the lung after only two rounds of Gemzar/Carbo (is that normal to have a scan so soon?) I am giving this one up to God...and am certainly praying for some shrinkage or stability...but just as importantly I am praying for strength for all of us to deal with whatever!

She seems to be doing a lot better (as the pain is FINALLY under control and she is starting to get some mobility back..not a lot but a lil' progress every day.) I am so thankful for that. Have to say this stuff really is a roller coaster.

On another note, this baby in my big belly feels like she is going to show up sooner versus later!

Please keep us in your prayers. I would so love some good news.

Best to all,


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I know that when tests are requested we always

think the worst, but count yourself lucky you

did not have to beg for one, must be to check

right away the result of the treatment to adjust

the next.

Good luck and give us the report, please.

Hugs J.C.

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Keeping your mom in my prayers. Not sure about the timetable of the scan but I think every doc does things a little differently? I know my mom had a CT scan 3/4 through her chemo and now that she's completed the rad/chemo her next one is scheduled for this Friday.

Hugs for your precious little one :)

Yep, this is a roller coaster ride that I wish we didn't have to take!

Many positve thoughts, Holly


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Cindi -

I think he wants to see if there is any shrinkage or stability...but is that possible after only two rounds? She did have a CT chest scan before we started the chemo...about six weeks ago. He is doing the scan a couple of days before we would do the next round of carbo/gemzar.

Is is possible or to be even remotely expected that we could see something (besides growth) after two rounds?




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I had scans all the way through my tx, seems all doc's have their own timetables and some seem to want to keep a constant eye on progress.

I had shrinkage from the get go, so keep the positive thoughts.

Worrying about a test is quite normal, I still worry even though I'm 4 years from dx......I don't think that ever goes away completely.

Wishing good things.


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Hi Holly,

I think I have read about people being scanned and finding out pretty much right away sometimes that there was shrinkage. I don't know though how definitive the scans are. I mean, what if the chemo really is working for the good but then the scans don't reveal it?

In any event, hoping for the best for your Mom and that her oncydoc is onto something good for her.

Cindi o'h

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