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My Mom was diagnosed in August with nsclc with mets to brain. She had radiation to the brain immediately. She had CT this week. We will meet with dr. on Monday to hear the results. I am finding that we are not getting enough answers. They are not giving us the support we need to help her fight. She goes for tests, they send us home and we wait. I like to take my Mom out as much as I can so she doesn't feel locked up at home. This lifts her spirits. Winter's in Saskatchewan are beautiful but it brings brutely cold air.

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Welcome to this forum,

you will find a lot of people that will care

and will have answers for your questions.

Give all the support to your mom that you can

and taking her out as often as possible is a very

good way.

Your winters are bad, just like those we have in

Quebec, during the winter a nice soft scarf or

one of those long turtle necks sweaters that are

lately all over the stores are a good idea, she

could cover her mouth and nose with those fancy

accessories and face the cold, I do and I may

be around her age or older (77), so no more shyness about the looks and you must have noticed all goes

for our weather.

Keep us posted about your mother and as the day

progress you will see many welcome to your post.

Warm hugs for the season coming


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You are right, you have to be armed going to the Dr. You have to advocate for your mom, bc I see it time and time again where patients and their families do not feel like they are informed enough to be able to ask the right questions, so they leave feeling like it is all a great mystery. Knowledge is power. We can help you.

Best of luck.

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I'm so sorry that you are facing this, but glad that you found us. It sounds like your mom has quite the advocate in you. Take good care of yourself while you are taking care of your mom!

10 winters in MN was enough for me...I admire that you find the beauty in them still. :) There is still a lot of beauty in the world to enjoy. Grab a scarf and a coat, and hit the great outdoors!

:) Kelly

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Kelly I didn't know you spent 10 winters in Minnesota! Winter just arrived here yesterday! A couple of days ago it was 60 degrees, last night it started with freezing rain to ice then snow. Right now it is 21 degrees and winter has arrived.

Well I too want to welcome you to our family. Glad you found us. Please keep us posted on how your Mom is doing. Most times it is our family and friends that give us the most support . Take care Donna G

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