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Getting to Know You - November 16


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Very typical, although I am not cooking this year, SIL is at our house. Turkey, stuffing (she adds oysters and it is actually good), mashed potatoes, gravy, crescent rolls this year. She makes a ton of stuff, but one I have to suggest is mixing horseradish in the cranberry souce-it is a fabulous dip for your turkey. Try it, really!

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We are very traditional, turkey, stuffing, mashed, etc. A couple of funnies though. When I had it at my house I always included creamed onions because that was my family's tradition. Only my daughter ate them and everybody laughed, but next year they were on the table again.

My son and his wife have been doing Tday for the past 10 years. The problem is that they only do about 5# of potatoes for 15 people. So we all only take a tsp. full. Last year my son left the table after the first helpings and came back with a huge pile of mashed pots. We all looked at him with the 'Where in the he-- did you get those?' He had taken the leftovers on the childrens' plates in the kitchen.

This year I finally spoke up and told him to make more please.

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I will admit that I am not sure about this years menu. For the 1st time in my life I will not be with my family. Due to Alan's illness and uncertainty of his situation we are spending it at his daughters house with all his children and grandchildren. (and his ex-wife) My family will be at my Mom's in Florida having a very traditional Thanksgiving meal.


Husband Alan DX small cell lung cancer Jan 10th 2005

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Pseudo-traditional fare for us. Turkey, of course, but it is fried w/ Cajun seasonings (believe it or not, it's great! I never want to go back to the old days). Mmmm...stuffing. I make the sweet potatoes...I'll have to check the cookbook to see if it hsa naything new on my recipe.

My brother, the pie maker, won't be there this year. I'd better make sure that I get a pumpkin pie! Maybe I'll have to make it this year. Oh no!It's at my BIL's for the first time, so I really don't know what to expect.

:) Kelly

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I will be doing a fried turkey this year. Everyone seems to love the taste of the fried turkey much better. I just pray my son doesn't burn the house down in the process...lol! I'm also doing a small ham, as I'm not a turkey person. I'll be cooking Southern Comfort sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes, stuffing, green bean casserole (my son's favorite thing), cranberries...and lots of pumpkin pies.

Thanks for the idea of mixing horseradish and cranberry sauce to dip the turkey in. We all love horseradish on just about everything!

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Our Thanksgiving will be rather traditional , as well. I will cook for hubby and my two sons. I hate to cook and will use a lot of packaged foods to help and let Mrs. Smith do my pumpkin pie.

Some foods that were standard when my grandmother was living were potato salad and collards. She also made the yummiest sage dressing with the giblets cut up in it. She was one of 10 children and was the world's most wonderful cook.


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We always get together with close friends every year.

Turkey with Stuffing and Gravy

Cranberry Sauce

Mashed Potatoes & Sweet Potatoes

Butternut Squash, Corn

Carrots, Peas

Creamed Onions


Apple Pie

Pumpkin Bread


And later on that night a turkey sandwich with stuffing, gravy and a glass of milk.

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When I was married and living in Louisiana we had all holidays at my mother in laws for years. When it got to be too much for her and there was no room for everyone in the house things changed. We would all go to my brother in laws. He raised turkeys so we would have 2, One baked and one fried (hey I never said the food in Louisiana isn't good).

This year I will work and take my lady out to dinner at Marie Calenders. Christmas I will have family just 50 miles from here so for the first time in 4 years I will have a real family Christmas. Not like I was used to but that is alright.

Christmas was always my thing after my mother in law gave it up. I would cook for days actually weeks if you count all of the cookies and candy that I would make. This is my Christmas dinner I always made.

Turkey with both cornbread and rice dressing. Ham, candied sweet potatoes, brocoli and cheese caserole, coleslaw, mashed potatoes and gravy. I would also have a relish tray with pickles, olives and stuffed celery (stuffed with a shrimp dip that I made). For dessert I would make lemon pie, 2 chocolate pies, and a sweetpotatoe pie. I would also make either a banana nut cake with whiped cream or a chocolate mayonaise cake.

We had Christmas eve at my sons house so I would make a mold of shirmp and take crakers, I would also make cinnamon pecan danish. My son would have fried turkey, gumbo, white beans and all of the trimmings. Oh yes and usually a big pot of jambalya.

A week later for New Years I did it again only that was all cabbage dishes(coleslaw, smothered cabbage and cabbage rolls) not everyone liked the same thing. Then of coarse there was a big pork roast with rice and gravy and mashed potatoes and a large pot of black eyed peas. Same dessert.

Does it sound like I spent a lot of time cooking? You bet I did and that is not even covering Good Friday and Mardi Gras! The guys did Easter bar b que but you ladies know what that is like. The men do the bar b que but guess who gets to do the other things and the clean up :!:

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One of the few meals that I cook.


cornbread dressing


mashed potatoes

green beans

strawberry jello salad (in the cookbook)

Sister Schubert rolls

cranberry sauce

chocolate pie (in the cookbook)

pumpkin pie

We actually all pitch in--all us girls. We try to give Charlie the day off. But, he usually sticks his nose in and of course, carves the turkey.

Ann: Good question!

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Wow, all this stuff is making me HUNGRY!!!! Dreaming about food! :lol:


Mashed spuds.

Sweet Potatoes

Stuffing, Gravy

Green Beans

Gravy (again)

Crescent Rolls

Pumpkin Pie


Bailey's on the Rocks



Maybe a little more Pie


Wash the dishes

Go to bed ........... ZZZZZZZZZZZ

Thank God I'm off on Friday!!!

Happy TUrkey Day.

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This is the first year since l992 that I haven't had the entire crowd at my house. There are usually 28+ of us. This year my brother and his wife built a brand new (large) house so it will be there at my request. The menu stays the same.

Turkey_SIL cooks it

Dressing_I take it

giblet gravy _I take it

brocolli caserole_sister

peas and asparagus caserole_SIL takes it

Rice (no potatoes)_SIL cooks it

Rolls_daughter in law takes it

Corn caserole_daughter takes it

Fresh cranberry sauce _ I make it

Lots of desserts

Menu has been the same since my mother did it at her house years ago. We all love it and honor her by cooking as much like she did as we can.


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I will be at my inlaws for Bird Day this year. She always fixes everything and refuses to let me help.(Does she think I'm a bad cook?!) But, I'll bring SOMETHING! We'll have turkey,(wish it would be deep fried!), mashed potatoes, green beans, her fabulous stuffing(I always tell her to make extra), corn, and gravy. My grandma used to always make egg noodles, and I really miss that. There will be pie of some kind. I think I'll bring a blueberry angle food cake and Cool Whip. Real easy to make. Cake mix and can of blueberry pie filling. mix them together and bake. YUMMY!! I'll miss grandma's apple pies too!

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