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Radiation Complete


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Well, I survived the 18 aggressive Radiation treatments. I am still waiting on the esophagus pain, I have a little discomfort when I eat breads, but other than that I am having no problems. My cough seems to be getting better, although slower than I would have expected.

I have a CT scan on 9 Dec and we’ll find out how well we did on killing this rascal. Over all, other than fatigue, it was a piece of cake. Thank you all for allaying my fears at the beginning.



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:D jimben

Congrats on completion. You will notice marked improvement on a daily basis on how your level of discomfort goes down. Those are very rapid growing cells that were radiated. Hence, brand new ones to relplace the old.

Do let the rad. onc. know about the cough. It can spell pneumonitis. If it is that, you will want to get rid of it asap as it can cause permanent scarring.

love, Cindi o'h

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Just to let you know. I had a 2x7cm tumor in my right lung, and two lymph nodes to light up in my chest on the pet scan. I had radiation for 6 weeks and weekly chemo (carbo/taxol). Long story short at the end of the 6 weeks the tumor had all but disappeared. The lymph nodes still lit up on the pet scan,but they would because of the radiation. When I had surgery the surgeon went looking for cancerous lymph nodes first.(To biopsy them was the only way to know for sure if they were cancerous) If he had found any it would have cancelled my surgery. He took out 20 lymph nodes and NONE had cancer. Remain positive my friend.


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