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Revenge is Sweet


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Thought you all might enjoy this!!

After 17 years of marriage, a man dumped his wife for a younger woman. The

downtown luxury apartment was in his name and he wanted to remain there

with his new love, so he asked the wife to move out and then he would buy her another place.

The wife agreed to this, but asked that she be given 3 days on her own

there, to pack up her things. While he was gone, the first day she lovingly

put her personal belongings into boxes and crates and suitcases. On the

second day, she had the movers come and collect her things. On the third

day, she sat down for the last time at their candlelit Dining table, soft

music playing in the background, and feasted on a pound of shrimp and a

bottle of chardonnay. When she had finished, she went into each room and

deposited a few of the resulting shrimp shells into the hollow of the

curtain rods. She then cleaned up the kitchen and left.

The husband came back, with his new girl, and all was bliss for the first

few days. Then it started; slowly but surely. Clueless, the man could not

explain why the place smelled so bad. They tried everything; cleaned &

mopped and aired the place out. Vents were checked for dead rodents,

carpets were steam cleaned, Air fresheners were hung everywhere. Exterminators were brought in, the carpets were replaced, and on it went. Finally, they could take it no more and decided to move. The Moving

company arrived and did a very professional packing job, taking everything

to their new home.

....including the curtain rods....

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