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Help in starting local lung cancer group


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I have been getting some requests for information, so I thought I might offer it here because it is LCAM and people are thinking about this right now.

I put together a packet of info for people who have been asking about starting a local Lung Cancer Aware group. Our goal is that each group will organize in whatever way they see fit. There is no financial commitment. The objective is to keep the structure simple so that it does not become unwieldy and ask so much that people drop out.

Each group determines its projects. We are NOT a fundraising organization, but do support other lung cancer groups in their fundraising activities. A group might volunteer to help in some fundraiser with the understanding that a percentage would be used for LCSC.

Each group works with whatever organizations they choose for specific projects or goals (eg. Lung Cancer Alliance for LCAM proclamations, our local ALA for the "Shine a Light" rally). One example might be to volunteer speakers for local groups. The whole point is to keep it as manageable as possible so as to encourage people to stay active.

We are basically a networking mechanism to help people establish a presence and resource for lung cancer in their local area. If you want me to e-mail you the basic info packet contact me at lcaware@earthlink.net.

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