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What a wonderful day it has been...........


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The weather was the pits but it was worth the drive............I got to see ADDIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes our Addie is alive and well and still living in her cell, tried to spring her but no chance. I guess when the rest of you get there in the pink bus the sheer volume of people will have more of a chance (you can also bribe the nurses with the Bud Lite and the donuts).

Addie looks really good, (and if you're reading this girl - the gigs up! You look too well to be sick, so no more sympathy for you).

If you're wondering, Addie's just the same in person as she is in "writing"......full of pis_ and vinegar and we had a ball.

Since she first pm'd me in July last year I've felt that I've known her and it turned out that I did! Everything was so comfy that I'm amazed I only met her at 11am this morning.

Well that's it folks, just wanted you know that our friend is well looked after and is doing fine, her spirits are just as they come across here and she IS nuts - as we always thought.

So get that pink bus rolling and get her out of there.


Addie you old tart, get better and get yourself home! I love you. (I know you're reading this!!!!)

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Okay, Geri, so she doesn't look sick, but does she look TWISTED?? :shock:

I envy you, but am so glad that SOMEONE has had the opportunity to meet our Addie in person and confirm that she isn't a short man in a green suit working a machine behind a curtain... "I am the GREAT Adds..."

C'mon Addie, stop playin' around and come home...



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Pat, you're right the hugs were wonderful.

Becky, she appears to look normal but that being said I didn't see her standing so don't know if she's twisted when not reclining, I also didn't look behind the bed - the guy in the grren suit could have been lurking!! Mentally, now that's a whole different ballgame......

This visit was in the planning stages before our Addie got "put away" so I figured there was no better time than now to see if she was real. And surprise, surprise she is.......and even more fun when she talks than when she types!

After meeting Addie I realize how great it would be if more of us could meet, it's so nice to be connected in person too. I'm sure that those of us who have met know exactly what I mean.

Well, here's to the next time - I intend to return..........


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Well, here's to the next time - I intend to return..........

Hey, Beck.....if she wants to stay overnight next time....am I obligated to wash the dog hair out of the guest room sheets?? :roll::wink:

Anytime, Geri sweetie....you just show up and you've got a home away from home~!! :)

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