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Guess who was sitting in my hospital room today?


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Geri...all the way from Vermont!

Raunchy Brit that she is...we connected in our UK similarity...(or was it the raunchiness, Geri? :roll: ) many moons ago...and she drove 8 hours today just to spend an hour and a half in room 15, meeting me, DH and three guys from our golf course :) Not exactly the private "audience" either of us deserved! :wink:

Did I mention I need a revolving door in here? :?

What a delight for me...that she would do this! But it was way too brief. Next time Geri...NO hospitals and a lot more time to spend together...eh?

Thanks, Toots....for everything.

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oh Addie.. now I gotta laugh.

When I read the title of your post.."guess who was sitting in my hospital room today.."

I got all nervous..

I thought you had declined quickly and you were going to report that you had a conversation with Buddha, Muhammed, Jesus Christ, Allah, the whole gang... I was pleased to hear it was "just" Geri!!

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I wanna hug Geri and Addie Too!

Truthfully I want to throw my arms around all of ya'll. No, I am not drunk. Even though I may typw that way. I just love what a generous, loving, kind, group of fine folks are here in this internet message board.

Happy Days filled with love and healing to everybunny here!!!!


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That's great! Geri, what a good friend you are. I know you that much better now. (Also that you've been in the cultural blender.)

Addie, I've also learned more about you - that you inspire the kind of friendship that makes people drive 8 hours to spend a short visit with you. Very cool! Hope it made that particular day a lot happier!


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HOW COOL!!! I agree...there are some pretty stellar people on this site.

Cindi...I'm still rolling...with the decadron, and all, I wondered too.... :shock:

Oh, and to our lurker, esstwobee, if ya post again, I think you'll be officially "de"-lurkered. :wink:

Thanks for the hearty chuckle - I'm waiting for scan results...I needed one!

Feel better soon, Addie - we still got your porkchop :wink:



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