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On the aniversary of my Dad's diagnosis


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I thought it would be appropriate to introduce myself and explain why I have been stalking everyone for a year now. I’m a research fanatic, do social work by trade and I'm very familiar with all of your trials and tribulations and have become quite fond of all of you. I know I'm being redundant but for a lack of anything new, I would like to say you’re all just incredible. I’ve grown to love many and you’ve never known it. I'm sure there are many lurkers out there just like me!

You’ve helped my Dad and I tremendously. This site gave us the first glimmer of hope for him. I’ve prayed, cried and cheered for all of you on the sidelines.

My Dad also reads the site; maybe not daily, he’s not a bulletin board kind of person, so I’m arranging the “coming out party”, by myself. He’ll be watching though, as he’s always been very attentive of my activities during our 40 years together. I’m a single mother of a fourteen year old girl who shares the number one spot with her Papa.

Both of them are all I have and I would lay my life down in a second to save either of them. She’s healthy, he’s in remission. On his one year anniversary, I would just like to thank each and every one of you for sharing so much of yourselves. I hope to share more of his story in the SCLC forum and in the years to come, hope his story inspires other newcomers as your stories have inspired me.

God bless all and please keep on fighting the good fight!

Note to Cindy: I’ve been the shy, good looking, thin, young thing in the corner ordering Bud Ice’s :D. You’re such an efficient bartender! Whatever they’re paying you, I say double it!

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Oh Good, Sheri!

You decided to come out of the shadows! At least you have been a good tipper!

I am glad that this site has provided hope for you and for your Dad. Mission accomplished!

Now, you will have to show up at more of the parties on a regular basis. You say you are good lookin? We need more good lookin' people around here, cuz I was getting weary of Frank's good looks on a daily basis!

Welcome. Let's get this welcome party on the road.. Find your favorite stools or booths, put some quarters in the jukebox and let's cut the rug, and the cake!

Congrats, DAD on your one year!!!

Anyone else for a bud ice?

Cindi o'h

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Hi Sheri and welcome to you and your dad.

I first want to take a minute and tell Dad CONGRATULATIONS on being a ONE YEAR LUNG CANCER SURVIVOR! Way to go, and good job!!

Second I want to say, Dad, I sure hope you can get Sheri out of the bar long enough to go out and celebrate your ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY! :roll::wink: You might want to check with Cindi to see if Sheri is up to going out or if she maybe started celebrating without you! :P:P:lol:

Glad we are able to help, even to those that wish to hide out for a while! :wink:

Happy ONE YEAR and I hope and pray you have many more! :wink:

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Welcome Sheri :) !

I also sat back in the corner of Cindi's for a long time before moving up to the bar. I am moving over a stool and inviting you up! It's nice to get to know you!

Congratulations to Dad! Hope he has MANY years in remission. Since you've been lurking for so long, you know already there are long time survivors here!

Will be anxious to learn more as your story unfolds.


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Wow, Sheri...what a story! CONGRATULATIONS TO SHERI'S DAD - May you celebrate for MANY moons to come!

I'm a research freak, as well. It's what brought me to this site. I spend much of my time reading quietly, but have become so moved by the courage, wisdom, and humor of those here.

Well, Bud Ice, you say? Cindi, make it three, please - one for Pops, too, ya know. Cheers! :P:P:P


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Well welcome Sheri,

Thank your for coming out of the shadows and intruducing yourself to us. It is so nice to know that there are people out there that we do not know who feel the we have helped them.

It is so nice to meet you. And CONGRATS to your dad on his one year anniversary. Awesome!!

That really does call for a toast..

Maybe we should have an annual LURKERS COMING OUT DAY at Cindi's, free drinks all around. Lots of muchies and great music with lots of dancing.

You Sheri could be the mistress of ceremony to get the party going. :D We can all get in line and do the Electric Slide :lol:

What do ya think Cind, would your bar be willing to foot the bill for a new annual event??

But we would have to wait till we get back from our bus ride to New England so we could bring Addie back with us.

Party Time!!! I am in a mood.... :wink: See Joels here giving the thumbs up.. :D


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oh oh Sheri...

see what you and your Dad started, now???

Maryanne, I think you are onto something there! I think it is wonderful idea to lure in the lurkers.

I will have to talk with the finance people about footing the bill, but I am pretty sure we can come to an easy amenable agreement.

How about a monthly coming out party or every two months.

How about you put together something like this Maryanne? You can doooooit!

Another couple bud ice's, Sheri and Dad?

Very glad you are here, (and love our Addie like we do.)

Cindi o'h

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Welcome Sheri and Dad!


I too found this site while researching, and lurked awhile as well. My Uncle has SCLC, you and your Dad have given me more hope, already. Looking forward to hearing the rest if y'alls story.

So glad you came out, and, "Got this party started". :D

Hey Cindy, slide a BudIce this way, please. :P

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Welcome (officially) Sheri!

Now, come out from that corner in the bar and join the party. Can already tell from your wonderful sense of humor, you have lots to contribute to the celebrations.

I put your dad on my dx anniversary list and posted a congratulations to him on the Survivors board. His success will inspire many others who come here.

Sending caring thoughts and strength to you, your dad, and your daughter and hope you have a very happy Thanksgiving.


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Thank you everyone for the welcome! It reminds me of a quote I once read: "Friendship is like peeing in your pants. Everyone can see it, but only you can feel its true warmth."

Thanks again for that warm, fuzzy, wet feeling. And Cindi, come'on, who doesn't like to do the Electric Slide? It's up there with the Chicken Dance, right Fay?

You guys are fantastic and Katie et al, I've belonged to a local community general forum for almost ten years now. I'm familiar with how threads can be hijacked and the original intent of the post goes way South. It's incredible how well behaved your members are. Keep up the good work!

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Hey Sheri!

I can't believe that you called this group well-behaved! Becky, Frank, Addie???, Fay!, et al...is this insulting or what???

Let's get her!(bartender raises fist and shakes it in the air) Yeah. She can't talk about us like that!

(now you're in trouble, Sheri)

I think I have had too many budice's ....get a little feisty sometimes.

Wondering where papa is ... We need some more ill-behaved people and I am hoping that he will be one!

C'mon out, Dad and join YOUR party! 8)

Cindi o'h

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