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Smoke out --8 degrees outside

Donna G

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This morning they announce on the news that it is the great American Smoke out day. They said 1 in 4 Minnesotans smokes, today could be their quit day. They said 2500 Minnesotans died of lung cancer last year.

My point since many work areas here are smoke free, people have to go outside to smoke. They may be motivated today to not smoke by the fact it is 8 degrees out and that does not take into account the wind chill!

Also was at Cub ( grocery store with a pharmacy in it) and asked about the nasal spray of nicotine. It was not in their display case. The pharmacist said you have to have a prescription to get it. At that seminar I went to the "quit" specialist said that it acted the most like a cigarette and could be the answer for some who need to quit. Well if you do not have insurance 100 sniffs ( in bothe nostrils) costs $ 156 ! I figure that would be equal to 6 packs of cigarettes. Would that be equal in your state ( $31 a pack!)

Donna G

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