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Getting to Know You - November 17


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Too cute Leslie!!

My husband says they are my care for others, my finishing what I started, that I am a great mother (he is so sweet) and wonderful wife.

Very organized, Giving, Compassionate, Responsible and Happy.

I never knew he thought so highly of me.

God BLess!!!


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I'm rarely ever without an opinion about an issue. I'm not sure if that can be considered a good trait but I do take a stand for what I believe is right. I will fight tooth and nail for the under dog without fail. I'm very open and honest...sometimes too much for my own good.

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Ann my friend, I don't think this board is big enough to discuss Character FLAWS! :roll::lol::P:wink: Our Rickey would have to put together another board and I'm not sure he would be so willing to do that. :lol::wink:

Wow guys...I'm still thinking on this one. It would have been so much easier for me to name my character flaws....lol!

As for an answer to your question, I would have to say for me, DETERMINATION, COMPASSION, SENSE OF HUMOR, I try to respect others feelings and opinions, so I guess that would be understanding? I use to have DRIVE, but I think that got up and DROVE away! Okay, that's enough.

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I guess my strongest trait is my ability to be introspective.. which is also a weakness... so maybe they cancel each other out .. lol.

Leaving me with no character strength..and in that case.. I would have a few somewhat strengths, which would not be an answer to the question.. now would it..?


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