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Red Blood Transfusion-Have you had one? Any problems?


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Have you ever given blood? Cookieman says it's like giving blood only backwards - same size needle, etc. Not the tiny needle used to pull blood out for bloodwork, but not a gardenhose, either.

If your counts are low enough for a transfusion, you'll probably feel a lot better soon after. I used to know a guy with a bleeding ulcer who received blood every three months or so - he said he felt like a new man after every influx.

Relax...it's blood, not poison/chemo.



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I had that problem after my last heart surgery, and it wasn't that big of a deal. It just takes time is all. Nothing they can do in few minutes so bring a book or company with you. It's not painful. Snowflake is right, relax, it's not a biggy! I have a feeling you've been through a LOT worse.

You'll be fine. Take a book.

Keep us posted.

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I was admitted to day hospitals for mine, so I had a nice comfy room and bed all the times.

Felt like a million bucks afterwards. Had me crying out for more. Now I know why Dracula does what he does.

They did take me for a ride to a scheduled CXR and I threw a pillowcase over the IV pole. I mean, it looked gross to have a bag of blood going in me as I was presenting to the hospital hallway public. And it was MY business, not everyone else's. All staff I met in the hallways and elevators were baffled because they couldn't tell at a glance what was going on with me under that pillowcase; so that was interesting to see their faces.

My nurses agreed that it was a smart thing for me to do.

Cindi o'h

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DEb has had so many transfusions that we do not think she has her own blood anymore. the antibiotics can be crazy sometimes. Her last transfusion they gave her primaxine IV to avoid any complications and it caused a very bad case of c.diff. The antibiotics killed off all the bacteria in her system except for this one which ran rampant after the transfusion. Usually you will feel more energetic afterwards. Good Luck and hope all goes well.

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