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I hope I spelled that right. My mother is doing very good after her radiation to her brain. I have not posted in a while, watching her improve. She was dxed in June with SCLC EXT. The first scan she had showed 50% shrinkage in main tumor and almost everything else gone. 2nd Scan- slight growth in main tumor. 2 days later- seizures- MRI- 3 BRAIN METS. I was reading through some old posts to see if anyone else had heard of the new clinical trial- Phase 2 CLORETAZINE. I found your post. I saw where you were from the Nashville area. I reside in Gallatin, TN. My mom will start this trial on Dec.1. I was just wondering how it was working for you. It seems not alot of people know about it, I guess because it is new. There is not much info. on the net about it either, but my mom's onc., formerly with the Sarah Canon Inst., says it seems to be a very promising drug. Hope everything is going well. TROY

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Troy, did you PM this person that you found the post for? You might want to do that rather then post to the board. But, you also have to look at when that post was. Another FYI is look and see if this person is still posting to the board. So often members post several times and never come back.

I would suggest a PM to the person that wrote that post. But, check the date also.

A lot of the times when a member or a family member passes away they people don't come back here.

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hey troy,

i think there is another person here in nashville taking it .....or at least my oncologist at southern hills said that there was...and that they were a week or 2 ahead of me..... i dont know how they are progressing but they are tolerating the treatment really well...as am i....

i just got my scans back today...my oncologist said there was over 80% reduction in the mass on my adrenal gland.....after just 1 round (3-1/2hr IVs over 3 a week period).i cant even tell i'm taking chemo.....its different for everybody (i'm sooooo tired of hearing that)....as far as i can tell...this stuff is incredible.....but like i said its only been 3 weeks..... .....s

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That is great news. My mom's oncologist has two people here taking it. One persons showed a 60% reduction, while the other has not had a scan yet. That is awesome news for you though. Keep it up. You have always been an inspiration to me when I read your posts. I love the attitude.

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It's amazing being in and around Nashville, and not automatically heading for Vanderbilt. If you look at many of the trials and studies, they are going on at the Sarah Cannon Cancer Center. They work in tandem with Vanderbilt researchers a lot, but it seems that they have a wider variety of trials available. Or, maybe not. I haven't fished around at Vanderbilt as much.

I do know that I've met several people in the research area where I go to get chemo who have been to places like M. D. Anderson and Vanderbilt, and were told "we can't help you," then they come to the Sarah Cannon Center, and find some help. One man has a rare cancer - multicystic something or another, and started with over 30 tumors in his chest and lymph glands, and has whacked that in half, plus some, while still being able to work. He says he's fortunate that he kept on looking and found this place.

It's a good place, IMO -- named after the late Minnie Pearl for anyone not familiar with the name Sarah Cannon. She funded and started the center for primarily breast cancer, but since then, it's branched out and has become an excellent cancer treatment center and research facility.

(I'd best stop, or will have to pay for ad space - ha!)


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