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Today was a GOOD day! (Long)


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I sent this e-mail to friends this afternoon and I was convinced by a dear friend that I should post this story here too. I've copied and pasted it. Maybe it will bring a smile or two. It sure made my day.

CAUTION: This is a LONG story!

Hello friends,

It's been difficult for me to get community help, volunteers and even cooperation here in my community. I haven’t held my own events this year because I simply have no help here at all.

It seems those that CAN help, are affiliated with other cancers or organization and want things done their way and they don't want to touch on the LC issue.

I donate alot of time, materials and help to other states, events, hospitals, and other LC support groups. But here in my community I haven't had the opportunity to do much.

I donate books, videos and magazines and cancer survivor notebooks to the oncology center were my dad went. I have tried a few times to get them to concede to a LC specific support group- but the cancer patient coordinator will NOT have it. She believes that a combined cancer support group for ALL cancers fills the needs of patients- but we all know she is wrong. LC patients have other issues that other cancers don’t, stigmas and emotional pulls from the general public as well as personal issues of WHY and sometimes of blame. It hurts that I can’t do more here at “home”.

Today was my daughters Thanksgiving “feast” at her preschool. She just started a local church preschool. This is at the same church where we had my dad’s funeral. We aren’t members there- just called them up and asked if they’d let us have daddy’s funeral there. Rick and I, while spiritual, aren’t devout church goers at this time. I haven’t been to church since shortly after my dad’s funeral, but these people are some of the best hearted people I’ve ever met in my life.

At the thanksgiving feast- as I am struggling to get Kennedy to sit still and eat, the pastor comes to me. It’s been a long while since daddy’s funeral, but he remembers me. Anyone who attended the funeral and heard my eulogy knew how much I loved my father. The pastor sits with me and tells me he “hears” things about me and about a website we started.

He asks tons of questions, and seems genuinely interested. I talk about how we started LCSC and the stigma of LC and what we really need as far as awareness, research and funding- and the most basic need that everyone needs- SUPPORT. He says he never knew there was a stigma with LC and was surprised. He said, “well, it’s like someone with stomach cancer- you don’t ask them, well did you eat?” It’s silly, and lung cancer patients shouldn’t be burdened with stigmas or blame or suffer because society puts it on them. CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT> He GETS it.

He also asked me what my biggest need was. Aside from money- which helps us keep running online and printing services and postage and administrative things.

I told him I needed space.

And he is going to give it to me. I can have a community room in the church hall for LC support group meetings. AND he also volunteered to help me get something started right here at “home”! He thinks there has got to be many with a need for something like LCSC, who don’t have access to us online.

I was so happy today I thought I would cry.

Now last year and this year, Mary Crowley offered me space at Baylor Dallas for support groups, but that is a good hour and a half away and with a baby, I just can’t do that on top of everything else alone. THIS is something I can do, and these people will help me, I won’t be doing it all alone.

He asked me what my “dream” was for LCSC. I told him my dream for LCSC was to continue online AND have local centers or groups where people could physically go and get help around the country. That I wanted Neighborhood Transportation for people going thru chemo, and that I wanted everyone to have the support they need while going thru such a hard journey in finding medical treatment, clinical trials and assistance.

He told me a story about the little girl who leaped from her bed every night scared of the dark- and running in to hug her daddy.

The daddy told the little girl, honey I told you that God is watching you and you’re safe.

The little girl said, I know daddy, but sometimes you need God to have skin.

I really believe he is going to help me. I absolutely believe that LCSC has angels watching over us all. The one I met today has “skin”.



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Sweetie, what goes around, comes around and your day of reckening is coming. You do SO much for everyone here at LCSC and for those people in need of help in your community that it's only a matter of time that things start to work in YOUR FAVOR!

Your heart is bigger then Texas, and God and Good people are watching you. I'm proud of ALL you have done and contiune to do for lung cancer and for all of us living with lung cancer, and in memory of those that lost there battle to lung cancer. YOU MY DEAR HAVE ALREADY MADE A DIFFERENCE!! I'm proud of you.

I think your letter speaks VOLUMES and it comes from your heart!



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What fantastic news! I read every word with growing excitement. Smiling half way through and cheering for you by the end!

I don't go to church either but the minister sounds like he really gets the whole message and meaning of his faith. That was really and truly a Thanksgiving feast to remember.

Funny how life brings wonderful people into your life when and where you least expect it!


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even if it's baby steps, Katie, this is incredible. I am reading this book, The Tipping Point, which talks about how things become "big deals". I hope to have some ideas when I am done with it.

you're a visionary Katie, and others will see it and support your vision in due time. look what you've already done here!! I'd be a different person without the LCSC. for sure.



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Katie that is the most wonderful news. You finally have received an answer to your prayers. Things happens for reasons, and this was shall we say was G-d was sent to you. The pastor was your messenger. He will also be a mentor.

You are a beautiful soul as you are doing G-d's work through you to us. Of course you will be rewarded with the tools you need to move on to the next level to reach your goal.

Gave me goose bumps as I was reading it.


Ask- and ye shall receive

Seek- and ye shall find

Knock- and the door will be open upon you.

The door is opening...


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