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Good news from the 'onc'


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Hi kidlet's...hope everyone is feeling there best today....

Just wanted to let ya'all know...good news from the onc yesterday....He said everything clear and looks good...He said I will only have to take a CT once a year but to keep up with the surgeon with chest exrays...which at this point is every 4 months...will be going on Monday..

I brought my films to him and when he put them on the board ...I asked him ...what is all the 'funky' stuff....He said that 'funky' stuff was all normal stuff....ewwwwww!!!

Good thing I didn't look :-)

So at the end of the visit...I said..."well then I will see you in 6 months"...he said..."nooooo"...I thought 'oh oh what he is making it 3 or 4 now'....He said...'one year will be sufficient...yeeeeehawwww


Ok..gotta go...just wanted to share my good news...will be expecting the same from the surgeon on Mon...or else?????

Have a great day everyone...stay well and God Bless...PamS.

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You have to go back to being a nice person now that the STRESS AND HAVOC is OVER! :wink: We sure can do a number on our emotions and additude when our fear takes over. :shock::roll:


Onward and Upward to being back to normal. (what ever normal is anymore)! :lol::wink::roll:


Go take that hubby of yours and go have some FUN and CELEBRATE!

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