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Paraplatin(Carboplatin) & Docetaxel (Taxotere)


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Paraplatin(Carboplatin) & Docetaxel (Taxotere) are the two drugs my Oncologist is giving me. As below, my left lung was removed but a few metistinsal(sp) lymph nodes found to have cancer. Stage IIIA.

Has anyone else had these two Chemo drugs and with what results?

Sorry I keep asking questions. I feel like a drain on you guys instead of a support, I'm just so ignorant on these things and am having trouble getting answers from other sources.



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Hey Bill, those drugs are pretty much the protocol. They are very common. If you browse here in the NSCLC Forum you'll see lots of people that have had it.

I too was a stage IIIA-B due to two cancerous nodes. I did Cisplatin and VP-16, again, very common drug used for LC.


I hardly had any. Lost my hair and a few other minor things, but really I came through my chemo and radiation in flying colors.

They will give you anit-nausea meds, which someone just started a thread here on that too. Just take a minute or three and browse the board. You'll find ALL your answers just by browsing a few posts.

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Please don't ever feel like a drain on us. Many of us are STILL asking questions. There is so much to try to understand. Fortunately there will be someone to answer just about your every question.

I had carboplatin - not your other drug. Not too much trouble with that one for me. I am sure some 'expert' will be along to answer better.

Wishing you much luck and looking forward to 'seeing' you around here!


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Hi Bill,

As others have said, everyone has a different response. Mike had the Carboplatin/Taxol to start with and no real results. He later had Taxotere and did have shrinkage. As Connie suggested, reading profiles may help answer some of your questions. I know that has helped us. Never ever hesitate to ask questions. It seems there is always someone here that has had a similar experience, treatment or diagnosis. Above all , remember you are unique and how you respond may be different from everyone else. Best of luck to you.


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Hi Bill,

Can't leave you just dangling there...you're a new pal! We're in this together.

I am one who had those drugs. First I had carboplatin and taxol for 8 weekly infusions along with daily radiation to the mediastial lymph nodes and primary tumors U/R lobe.

The chemo was supposed to increase the effectiveness of the radiation or vice versa...now I forget.

Anyway. Then I was supposed to have a six week break and go back for more chemo. I had a big dose (really I don't know how much, but the doc said big, okay?) of carbo and taxol. Holy cow. Knocked my socks off.

Asked another onc. "what's up with that?" :shock:

He said to try carbo and taxotere. He said that taxotere would probably be easier. In many ways he was right. It was easier I suppose, just different side effects.

That onc. pointed to a study that was done that he was pretty excited about done by the "Southwest Oncology Group" (SWOG) that had some pretty promising results that showed incresed longevity following patients using the carbo/taxotere combo. It is an ongoing longitudial study.

Now, that was almost 3 years ago that we had that conversation. Newer studies and newer drugs may show more promising results. I don't know.

But, I tell you what. If it were me, I would find out by doing exactly what you are doing by asking. Keep asking, man. That is the only way. We've got to get you better!!!

I welcome any of our other members for their input.

I am wondering if radiation is in your treatment plan. And if not, why not.


Cindi o'h

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Don't have any personal experience with the chemo, but want to be sure to tell you that you can always ask questions here. It just helps those of us who have an answer feel useful and smart! :D And, you never know who else out there has needed the same info but didn't ask yet!

Support means lots of things to lots of people - just knowing there's another person out there who's going through this, too, is a big support to me!


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Thanks all of you for your response. My apologies for only asking came from seeing all the good wishes and information so many here give to others. It is inspiring ad something worthy of emulation. So far all I have is questions, but trust me my heart swells with empathy and compassion for each Bio I read. I read them all.

At this point I don't feel I have any knowledge to depart to others here. Only good wishes and prayers.

I am wondering if radiation is in your treatment plan. And if not, why not.

I've wondered this also. The Oncologist doesn't seemed concerned with the one remaining lymph node as much as he is that it and two others (already removed with lung) were found to have cancer cells. Thus the chemo. As he said, "Dr. Rogers could go back in and snip that off, but the problem is that it is in the lymph system."

Dr. Rogers is my surgeon, He thinks everything is going to be all right. My Oncologist is a real Gloomy Gus though. But I still love the guy. :)

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