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Chemo news / Brian 11-18 & info on LC display


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Brian was scheduled for round 2 of Navelbine and Carboplatin yesterday. After much delay he did get the infusion. Doctor was concerned because his counts were so low. We are walking such a tightrope with his treatment. After weighing all considerations we decided it was best to continue the chemo to try to stop the liver tumor from taking over. We have to go for Neupogen Fri, Sat, Sun and then for labs on Monday and probably some blood products to boost him up. Doctor wanted to keep Brian in the hospital till after Monday but he knows I will follow all his directions to a 't' so he let me take Brian home. I am so glad. He is much happier here.

We did not have a real appt w/ our onc, but he kept coming in to check on us and to discuss the options. He indicated that the treatment Brian is getting is mainly palliative. On Dec 8 we will check the liver enzymes and we will know if we are making progress. If yes: we have bought some time, if no, then we will strike a balance with treatment to ensure quality of life.

We aren't shocked but it is still hard to face.

On another note we were pleased to see a big display of LC information and the whole lobby was 'done up' to focus on LC. One of the big binders Katie shipped us was prominently displayed. We felt very much comforted to know that our Cancer Center put Lung Cancer front and center.

While we were looking at the stuff one of the 'attendents' told another person that even though there was material for smoking cessation available not to assume that lung cancer is exclusively for smokers!!

Very reassuring.

I will email a couple picx (taken only w/ phone camera....but ok) to Katie.

So that is our update.

Thank you

Thank you

Thank you for all the love, encouragement, wisdom and prayer so generously shared w/ us!


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It sounds like things are going well. I am hoping the treatment knocks back the liver tumor and buys him lots and lots of time. It's great your doc is taking so much time with Brian. Great news on the lung cancer display-- I am impressed!

Hang in there.


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Pat/Brain, I'm so glad there is a game plan in place and you are both home. I truly admire, respect Brain's quiet determination and fight to continue on. It certainly is an inspiration to me and what helps keep me going knowing what others go through to live. Hope and pray for nothing but the best for you, Brain and the kids. Rich

--Also great to hear about the Lung Cancer Display.

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Everyone should have such a caregiver. I know you will follow every instruction to a 't' and then some. Your devotion is truly inspirational. The love you and Brian share can only be imagined by many. You, my friend, have it! What a gift you are to each other.

I will continue to pray, as you know I have, for more quality time together...to live, laugh, love together.

All my love and support is coming your way,


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I'm so glad that you were able to take Brian home for the weekend.

There's no place like home!!! Especially when he has someone as wonderful as YOU to take care of him. I hope you two can enjoy a wonderful weekend together and that the 8th will bring good news that you both deserve so, so much.

I'm continuing to say a special prayer just for the two of you everyday.

Stay strong and remember that we all care and are pulling for Brian.

Warm hugs,


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