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Tattoo Who???


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Okay, so this post is just a little frivolous and doesn't necessarily have MUCH to do with lung cancer, but then again, maybe it does...

When I was 16 I wanted to get a tattoo and my dad said that if I got a tattoo, he would throw my butt out of the house. For years it has been in my head, not an urgent need, but just the idea that I wanted one. After my surgery and all, it became more compelling.

Well, Oklahoma doesn't allow tattoo parlors :shock:, I honestly don't know why, I just know that they are illegal. So I have to go to Texas to get one. Well, the other day, I was in Texas with someone who I thought MAY discourage me (I won't mention any names :twisted: ) but instead they were as ENcouraging as a drunken sailor and all but dragged me into the tattoo place :P:wink: . The only reason that I didn't get a tattoo right then and there was because I couldn't find one - the guy had about 50,000 tattoos in his shop - but its a big commitment!

Anyway.. this is why I am posting - I have no idea what kind of tattoo to get and need help! (Frank, I already thought about having FRANK LAMB tattooed on my knuckles but it doesn't fit!) Seriously, I want to get a tattoo finally and I want something to symbolize my survival. Does anyone have any ideas? Tattoo stories?


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you go girl!!

I have no suggestions other than to make it 'hideable' ... you never know.... when you may not want everyone to see it.

Let's get a list and then all vote!!

I think your looks are very exotic and beautiful...........you can probably sport anything and pull it off just fine!!

Keep us posted!


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Debi, where are we going to find you next?!

Jim's sister was sporting a small pink ribbon on her ankle in honor of friends and family that have been diagnosed with breast cancer. The small white ribbon might be nice. I'm soooooo anxious to read the other suggestions that I'm sure will be coming........


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Well, Debi, not to be a killjoy, but MOST tattoo artists don't do white tattooes.


Cookieman had two tattooes when I met him, a yellow rose that looked like a cabbage and the moon, sun and stars... He has since gotten a koi to cover one and incorporate the heavenly bodies. I'll email you the before and after if I can find it. His tattoo took 6 1/2 sittings, an hour each time. It's pretty big... The koi symbolizes perseverance in the face of adversity and strength of purpose.

In order to keep the colors sharp (so your rose doesn't look like a cabbage), you should keep it out of the sun. Listen to your artist when you decide to go get one...

You are far braver than I, having watched how it happens, I'm even more adamant that I'll never get one unless it's in a box of Cracker Jacks! LOL Neat little needle machine that resembles a hand-held sewing machine beating into the skin...and the blood...ewwww...

But you go, girl, you da bomb!



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I had a patient the other week who had a tattoo on his upper arm, a womens name. I said o , is that your wife? He said no, that he had it put there when he was 18 and they broke up, now he's had to look at it for many, many years.

I think you are wise to give this a lot of thought.Donna G

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Where are you having this tattoo put? :shock:8):roll::roll::wink:

I would suggest a picture of a LUNG, but I think it would look like a blob of INK on your body! Plus NO ONE WOULD GET IT! :roll:

Then I thought of (BUD LITE) but again, not enough letters to do on your knuckles.

You could do: Lung Cancer on your knuckles!! :roll:

Okay, enough of my stupid idea's. I'll come back when I think up a REAL GOOD ONE!!! 8)

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Debi,I just saw this and I am proud of you.A good tatoo in the proper place is a great way to make a statement about who you are and what you believe in.

There are first some things you need to think on.A tatoo can cause blood poisoning(not only when it is new but also down the road in the event of a cut ect).It can't be returned to the store later if it doesn't fit or a person changes their mind about it.They can be removed but it is very,very expensive and can leave some very ugly scars.All this being said------

Mine is at the middle of my right arm near the elbow and runs down to my wrist.It is a long dagger going down thru a skull and a heart.It has a snake wrapped around it all the way down.And it says DEATH BEFORE DISHONOR USMC (an old style special forces type tatoo).It had really beautiful colors green dagger handle,red heart,some yellows and other colors in the snake.They all faded over time but for the black.None the less it is a great tatoo for me and I am and always have been proud of it.

Now back to you and your tatoo.I promise I will give this my undivided attention and will come up with some good tattoo ideas along with some good places to have them put. 8):twisted::shock:

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Oh my... where do I begin...

Frank, all I can say is, I welcome any ideas for tattoos but you can skip the part where you tell me where to put them :shock::shock::P:D

Connie, I really want to put it on my hand, kind of between my thumb and my first finger, on that spot on the back of your hand...either that or the back of my shoulder..oh yeah, and hardy har on the lung.

Babesdaughter..I actually kind of like the superman symbol..It is sticking in my head...

Donna.. I would NEVER put someone's name on myself, I can't believe people do that, they must be far less cynical than myself!!

Ginny, I don't know about a Jeff Probst bust but I would certainly take a Jeff Probst..

Becky, call me silly but having a needle tattoo me holds no fear after having 2/3 of my lung ripped out of my body :shock::lol:! And I like the idea of what a koi represents except for the fact that its a friggin fish!!

Bill, I have nothing against the ole Marine tattoo but usually I like to see it on an arm that has more hair than mine :lol: ..

Jan & Lynne - The white ribbon was a cool idea while it lasted :roll::wink: ...

And Pat, you always say the nicest things, even when your own plate is full..

Anyway, keep those ideas rolling. And where the heck is Don Wood, I think I finally eeked out 1000 posts..... :lol::lol:

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hi Debi..

I have been thinking hard for you.

Do you believe in angels? How about guardian angels?

I do. My angel's name is Caleb.

congrats on your 1000 post! I think you are very grounded and humorous. I am glad that you are sober and that you are here in every way. And I love the new picture of you and your son! Is he six now? Or seven. His teeth say 6 or 7....

What a cutie he is.

love, Cindi

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Just remember that they are forever, Debi. If you have it put somewhere visible, you may find yourself telling "The Story" to people you probably wouldn't share with if you didn't have the spring board of a tattoo.

Places close to a bone hurt more, like the sternum, ankle, shoulder blade...

...and I had 2/3 of my flippin' lung ripped out and I'm not volunteering for any damn needles! :shock:

If you want to search for pictures online, do a Google search on "Tattoo Flash". All kinds of stuff out there...or design your own, the koi came from a shirt Mark bought on our honeymoon in New Orleans, the artist took the fish and added background to cover the unwanted reminder of his first wife (refer back to my first sentence).

You could get Tweety Bird on your bosom, but by the time you reach 60, he'll look more like Big Bird!

You're such a biker babe...


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Bill, I have nothing against the ole Marine tattoo but usually I like to see it on an arm that has more hair than mine :lol: ..

Good point. :D

I can't say I blame you, I spent 6 years in the Corps and I resisted the urge to get any tattoo, even that most beautiful of all tattoos, The Eagle, Globe and Anchor.

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I like tattoos as long as they are tasteful. I got one on my 18th birthday, and my Dad still doesnt know about it. They'd kick my but if they did. A lot of places also wont tattoo on your hands or feet..not sure why. Plus those areas fade out really easily. I'd also avoid anything in yellow, light pink or white...they look terrible after about 2 months. I have a butterfly, but its pretty cliched. I want me and my mom to get matching ones when she beats this thing. LOL..maybe the cafepress LCSC dragonfly thingy..who know...

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Hey Debi,

Well I have 7 tattoos and I love them all. My favourite is on my wrist, it's done like a bracelet. I guess you could say it resembles a vine of some sort, but I just love it. It's about 6 yrs old now and hasn't faded a bit. I have a bird on the arch of my foot, it is 16 yrs old and is faded a bit from wearing shoes I guess.

I have 2 suns on my back, one is coloured the other is just black. I also have a rose in the middle of my back. I have a really nice design around my ankle, love that one. No colour but a great design!! The last one I have is a purple chinese symbol on my upper arm, which means 'woman'.

I can honestly say I don't regret them at all. Some of them I got really drunk for but I still knew I was going to do it. I don't understand why people recommend getting one just so you can hide it. Why???? If you find a design you really love, get it wherever you feel comfortable. This is about you not anybody else!!! It's your body.

Best of luck with it Debi,


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Debi...I think you should get the tattoo. We should all make as many of our dreams come true as we possibly can and it sounds like this one is definitely in reach for you! Not sure what the tattoo should be, especially since you are pworking with an area of limited space but....I do think the letters LCSC should be worked into the tattoo. Just think how many people would ask what those letters stand for? You could really do a lot of educating the public about lung cancer with those letters on the back of your hand! Please let us know what you decide!

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I have a scorpion on the inside of my right ankle, cause no matter what I will always be a scorpio - apparently a perfect one, at that. it's tribal-y, and so far only one person has mistaken it for a lobster. :roll:

I have a butterfly on my, er, lower rear hip ( :lol: ) and a bee on the back of my left, upper arm which, together, are an homage to the person and philosophy of Muhammed Ali ("Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee" - I identify with that on many levels. the butterfly also contains an image of the Green Tara, a hindu/buddhist deity who is green, to remind her of the envy which consumed her before her transformation, even though she is now a force of healing and transformation herself.

none of my tattoos are small. I am of the mind that if you're going to do it, DO it.

so it should be something that means something to you, that will never change. I'm not a fan of names other than children's, or religious or social affiliations - you just never know what might change for you. there's more than one "Friend of Bill" tattoo sittin' at the bar drinking :lol: . THANK GOD I didn't get the dancing bear (grateful dead) I once wanted.

I love tattoos, I think they're beautiful. I do think you need to consider the context, unfortunately. when Dave first came to this country, he saw the slogan "Live Free or Die" and identified with it, spiritually, so strongly that he had it tattooed on his forearm. now, everyone thinks he's from New Hampshire.

a little "breathDEEP" beneath an animal or other image you ID with would be cool for an LC survivor, without being morbid or negative.



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Whatever you choose, I hope you have fun with it! Just promise you'll be very careful in who you choose to do it -- make sure it's a reputable and CLEAN facility. There are some horror stories from poor technique, but if you have a good head on your shoulders and I'm sure you do, you'll know what to watch out for.

Just promise we all get to see it? :P


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I have 2 tattoos both have something to do with Norte Dame, because I am a Notre Dame freak.

I will abmit they are addicting, I am about to get my third (which will be my zodiac sign)

the only advice I have, put the tattoo where you can see it, I will never understand putting a tattoo on your back!!! when are you ever going to see the darn thing,

go for it. I was 35 when I got my 1st one!!!


Husband Alan Dx small cell lung cancer Jan 10th 2005

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