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Leg Pain?


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Hey guys!!! I haven't posted in a while. Things are pretty busy with Mom's treatment and finals are coming up. Hope all is well with everyone.

I have a question. Mom had chemo about a week and a 1/2 ago and tolerated it fairly well, just fatigue and some nausea. But this week she started experiencing some pain in her legs, she says its an aching feeling, not a sharp pain. I is starting to keep her up at night. Any ideas on what it could be? We think it may be from laying around so much after the chemo, or possible b/c the temperature has dropped drastically recently. Or maybe its a side effect of the chemo? Or could it be a sign of something more serious? She has an appt. with the onc. on monday, so she'll ask him then, but i wanted to get your input. Thanks!!

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Anytime there is pain, I suggest calling her Doc's!

Don't wait for us to reply on pain issue. It's nothing for us or anyone for that matter to try and second guess. IT could be ONE OF MANY things causing it, but she may need medical attention.

Good luck, and glad to hear mom did okay with her chemo. Good like on your finals. I'm sure you'll do GOOD! :wink:

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