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Pleural Effusions + Worries


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Dad says yesterday the ct tech saw fluid in his lung. I have worries. "What if what if" kind of worries. Since he had the efflusions before...does their reappearence mean cancer is spreading? Please chime in. I hate Scans on FRidays---the weekend waiting is driving me crazy. He doesn't report any SOB. HE says he feels pretty good. I just called his house and spoke to my mom...I could hear his booming laugh from the other room. My cousin was over visiting and everything seems fine.

I hate Cancer and I hate being far away. I will see him Tueday and stay for a week. I can't wait. I went to chiropracter today for an adjustment. God, did it feel good. My neck was so outta whack it felt like i couldn't breathe. I will do yoga tomorrow and work on my breathing for relaxation. Too much Stress!


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Oh yeah the waiting is aweful! One more day, just one more.

Being far away is a real bummer too.

It great that he is laughing,a really good sign. Soon you will beable to give him a BIG Texas style hug. :D

Happy to hear you got your neck worked on.

Stress? Remember "BreathDeep"! Take lots of deep breaths. Yoga is great too.

I'm keeping y'all in my thoughts and prayers.

Peace and Blessings,


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it's so easy to give advice on ways to avoid worrying while you wait for results, but that would make me a big hypoctite. I wish I could stop myself from it, too.

The being far away really does stink. Back when my mom was 'just' dealing with Crohn's and her kidney issues, I lived 700 miles away. It was agonizing when she was hospitalized and I couldn't be there. I'm glad we live here now, but I feel your pain at being so far away.

Praying for good news from the tests. If the yoga doesn't work, I recommend chocolate ice cream. :wink:

:) Kelly

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I wish I could do chocolate ice cream but I have Chrohns, too. Totally under control and mostly in remission. I appreciate the encouraging words. I am packing and organizing tonight cuz I fly out tomorrow. Hubs will be MR. Mom to our 10 and 8yr.olds. My MIL is great and lives up the block. We'll get through this.

I am glad you are closer to your mom, esp. when she needs you.

In fact a good nights sleep really helps eat through the worry. Just a day closer to hearing about the results. IT's just that I want positive results so badly. I consider myself fortunate to have such a great supportive husband and a job with the freedom to get down to Texas. Not everyone is so lucky.

Much love to all,


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