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Please keep Bill's father in prayer


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Hi Everyone,

Well, I've never posted about my FIL and his fight against lung cancer, but we could really use some extra prayers right now. Bill's father (by adoption) was diagnosed about three years ago with NSCLC and has done well until recently. He was admitted to the hospital Wednesday due to liver failure and this morning the nurse called and said that the family needs to be with him, they feel he is at the end of his fight. I feel terrible for Bill, he has been so distraught thinking that his father would outlive him and who would take care of the arrangements and look after him...now I think he is quite relieved to know that he will be here to take care of him and see that he rests in peace.

Ironically, Bill's decision to quit smoking about 10 years ago was prompted when he learned that his biological father, along with 3 paternal uncles, all passed away from lung cancer or complications of lung cancer between the ages of 48 and 52. So, be it by genetics or just by coincidence...both of his fathers and eventually he, himself, will have fallen victim to this awful disease. Anyway, if you have a moment to add John to your prayers, Bill and I would be grateful. As luck would have it, I cannot even be at the hospital with him due to a nasty head cold that has been trying to catch up to me for a few weeks and has now succeeded. Thank you everyone, and as always I am keeping all of you in my prayers.

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(((Beth and Bill))),

Always more prayers from where all he others have come. What a tragic situation. Makes one wonder, doesn't it?

I am so sorry. Thoughts and prayers have been with you and continue to be. Prayers for strength and courage.

Much caring from here,


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Dear Beth,

This is just too much all at once. I wish there was something I could do to stop it all. Yes, I will pray for John, that he is peaceful and without pain.

Please take care of yourself, too, Beth. A hot bath and chicken noodle soup will at least make that head cold feel better.

Love and hugs!


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Yes, a prayer for John,


We place our hearts in your hands as you have your divine will and master plan for John. Please comfort Bill and keep him safe from any more worry and sadness. Please Lord, also keep Beth lovingly embraced in your healing hands through this really rough time.

We ask this in your son Jesus's name.


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