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Hello all


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My name is Joan. My mother-in-law, whom is a very big part in the life of my husband, children and me...has Stage IIIB NSCLC.

She is a lifelong non-smoker...started wheezing in early November...was treated for asthma in December....by January when it didn't get better, got an X-ray; in early Feb., dr. ordered a CT scan and called us in to tell us she had a 4.2 cm. tumor in her left lung.

Intially, she was diagnosed as Stage II since it was confined to that lung.

After chemo and radiation ended and scans were done, we were told that there is another lesion in right side. So, she is now Stage IIIB and the dr wants to talk to us about Iressa on Friday.

It is just awful to see someone you love face this disease. You never know until you experience this just how unfair it is and how precious life really is.

Anyway, I'm happy I found this wonderful board. What I love most is seeing the photos of folks...how real this makes each posting, to see the beautiful faces behind the words.

God bless all of you and I so hope that sometime I will be of help to one of you...


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Please don't get too down. There are survivors for EVERY stage of lung cancer. You want to stay positive and encourage your m-i-l to fight. I hope she is being treated in a cancer center, and that her doctor is an oncologist. Has she had MRIs and a PET scan? Why do they think she has cancer in her other lung?

Read survivors stories on this board. We used to have a survivors category, but I'm not sure if we still do. (How long can I get away with using Chemo-Brain as an excuse for my memory probs?)

I'm sending positive vibes to you and your family, and especially to your m-i-l!


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Joan----welcome, sorry you have to be here but there is no better place to be if you or you loved ones have a lung cancer diagnosis

the information and support is inavaluale


nsclc 6/00

3 years cancer free

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Judy, she has more CTs and PETs than I can count...the most recent were two weeks ago and both concur that there is something in the right lung as well.

Am I correct in asking the dr on Friday if they are 100% sure it's cancer just from these scans? Isn't the only way to certainly tell via a biopsy?

Her dr is an oncologist. I do trust him but I have to say, sometimes I think he doesn't give straight answers and that bothers me.

I will definitely take your advice and check out survivor stories...what is your story/where can I find it?


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