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Loss of hair - scalp irritation?


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Hi everyone, I was talking with my MIL over the weekend, and she was saying that my FIL has been having some itching on his scalp, kind of a rash. He had started losing his hair, so they buzzed it really short. Then he was cold all the time, so he started wearing hats around the house.

Now she said that his scalp is itching and has a bit of a rash...we are not sure if it is caused just by the chemo, or because of him wearing a hat all the time.

Anyone else have this? What did you do to make it feel better?

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I didn't lose my hair, but I had a terrible itching on my scalp when I was getting chemo. They told me it was from the Decadron steriod infusion that they gave me before each treatment because that helps with nausea.

It was very annoying, but temporary.....


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Folliculitis is an inflammation of the hair follicles and it is common for those of us going through chemo to get this. I was told that it occurs most often in those who shave their hair off, but the truth is I've known many, many, many of us who did NOT shave our heads who developed it. Needs to be treated though, as it sets us up for rather nasty skin infections. And it IS a miserable feeling. Ask for a referral to a dermatologist.

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