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Female with Non-small Cell - Introduction


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My name is Robin. I am a 38 year old female from New Jersey. I was diagnosed with non-small cell, lung cancer, in my left lung, November 2004.

Thanks Gail for introducing me to this website. This is an informative website. It only took me a whole year to find support out on the web.

Last year this time I was in the hospital unsure what was going on with me. I thought I was being admitted to have some fluid removed from the lungs, only to have the fluid removed from my heart. The fluid in the heart turned out to be cancer free. It was not until multiple test and probing and two weeks later after being released from the hospital; they told me I had lung cancer, stage 4, it had spread to the liver. I was so sure the doctors were wrong, because I thought only smokers could get lung cancer. Boy was I ever wrong. My initial reaction was anger, because I thought I should have smoked along with my friends. The unknown, not knowing what caused this is always in the back of my mind. I had my house tested for radon and all was fine and yet the doctors could not tell me WHY or How I ened up with Lung Cancer, I guess I will never know. Seems to be a trend among young women who never smoked. I pray they find out real soon what's going on.....

I had no time to digest the information or do any research, they started me on Taxol and I had a bad reaction. Then in January 2005, I started 9 rounds of Taxatere and Carboplatin. The tumors in my liver were clear as of September 2005 and the tumor in my left lung had gone from 9X5cm to 5X3cm. Then I took 2 months off and the tumor in the lung started to grow again. Now I am on Alimta and 33 round of radiation (IMRT). Ihave two more weeks of radiation.

Well, that is my short introduction of my eventful year. I thank God I am still here one year later. :)

Have a Blessed Thanksgiving.


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Welcome to our board! I just met a stage 4 at the Lance Armstrong site and referred her to our site because there are so many stage 4s that are doing great and she really needs the support. You will find lots of friends here....sorry that you had to find us, but welcome!

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Glad you found us. I can easily see how someone newly diagnosed with stage IV can find much hope from your lc story.

There are no answers why, sometimes. We can waste so much time and effort asking, yet the answers will not come.

I am encouraged that your treatments have beaten back the tumors. Where did you find Gail?

Thank you for the holiday greeting.

Cindi o'h

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Welcome, Robin, and congratulations on your first year of survivorship. My wife's case is similar to yours -- never smoked and was dx Stage IV non-small cell. She is presently a three-year survivor, so take heart. Her first chemo was also Taxotere/Carboplatin. She is presently taking Gemzar/Navelbine, and it looks successful as well. Best to you, and have a great holiday. Don

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Welcome Robin,

prayers are coming to you from the opposite coast, although I am originally a Jersey girl, born there and most my extended family still lives there.

Continued success with your treatments and that the tumors continue to shrink.


Husband Alan dx small cell lung cancer Jan 10th 2005

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Welcome, Welcome, Welcome. As everyone has said, I too am so sorry you had the need to find us, but am very glad you did.

As Don said, congrates on being a One Year Survivor!

:wink: We all know that the first year is a very hard year to go through.

We have all learned that everyone seems to go down different paths in this journey, even though the treatments may be the same. :?:shock::wink: But we all know that supporting one another is good for the fighting part of this journey. It's kind of like, you fall down, We help to pick you up! :wink: I did a LOT of falling down the first two years of my journey. :roll::wink: I was very grateful to have wonderful friends help pick me up during that time, and even today I find these people right here will left me right back up to the NEW NORM as we call it.

Hope you'll stay with us. You will find a lot of wonderful folks here.

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Hi Robin,

I am so sorry you had to find us. I could imagine how scared and suprised you were to find out you had this dreaded desease expecially since you don't smoke. There are many people who get this who are non smokers.

LC is not a death sentence. There are so many here who are stage IV who have beaten the odds and are doing fine. Just have confidence in your doctors and know they are doing the best for you. If you feel they are not, then you can always go to another for a second or even a third opinion.

I imagine you found us through the Lungevity walk at Cooper River. Heather the founder of the walk and visits this site, is also a non smoker around your age. You are definetly not alone.

We are always here to help you and give you support.


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Welcome Robin.

You may not realise it, but you have given me a boost of confidence by letting us know you have achieved a full years since diagnosis of Stage IV NSCLC! I'll make a year in January! Congratulations!

I put up a congratulations announcement for you in the Survivor's forum, where you will get lots of high fives! Way to go!

Look forward to getting to know you better in time. We're all in this together!


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welcome. what a year you've had! it sounds like things are going in the right direction. just keep up the hard work, and we're here in all our many functions - cheerleaders, shoulders to cry on, pray groups, encyclopedias (me, not so much, but the others here).



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