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reaction from taxol


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started radiation and chemo today.had a bad reaction from taxol,chest pain,tightening,couldnt breathe sick to stomach,stopped it right away and gave steroids to stabilize.next week different med.has anyone had this problem?

port is getting better,not as painful.

more radiation tomorrow


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Marie, your lucky you showed up when you did. I was just about to send the troops out to look for you. :wink:

I'm sorry you had a reaction to the taxol. As we keep saying, everyone is different! Some work well for some, and not for others. etc. etc. :?:shock::roll:

So, now they must be going to try another one? That's good to hear. Your not going to believe me when I say, it's great that they can offer you a different chemo. I remember the day that we only had two choices. :roll:

Again, I'm sorry your not feeling well. It's not always a cake walk, but you know we always say it's doable. NO NOT FUN EITHER! ((((MARIE))))

Hang in there. I'm going to continue to keep you in my prayers.

Glad the port is stating to feel better. You WON'T be sorry you have that. :wink:

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Hi Marie,

I am sorry the Taxol did not work for you. My husband had Taxol and he tolerated it fine.

I am sure they will find something that will work. Have confidence in his doctor as they only want to do what is best for you.

Bless your son for finding us for you. We are so full of support and knowledge. You will get answers to your questions. If not you can always Ask the Experts that has a link on this site.

Take care, hang in there, they will find something that will work for you.


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I had a similar experience to Taxotere, even though I was given steroids in advance of the chemo. Turned out it was due to the infusion rate. The Onc ordered the drip slowed down and I was able to handle it fine.

At any rate, I'm sorry you have had such a rough go of it. Here's to hoping your next treatment will be easier on you.

I know how hard this is. Hang in there.

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