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Last Week's MRI of my brain and neck

Fay A.

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What the ?????? I really think they are looking at scar tissue. I remember the so-called surgeon who looked at my father's scans when my Dad was looking into the GVAX trial and this so-called thoracic surgeon thought my father's liver was a huge tumor for goodness sake!! Loving you always, please let us know what turns up or doesn't turn up. I will have extra olives in my martini's for you this New Year's Eve. I'll be in NY celebrating with my dear friends this year! Much love.


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Ok Fay, I've given this some deep thought, and I have come to the conculsion that your roll in being a lung cancer survivor is to keep track and monitor all these Medical Professionals that don't know how to do there jobs. I think they would call you a "Trouble Shooter?" Only thing you need to do is write ONE MORE letter and tell these Medical Facilities you wish to be added on the Pay Roll! :roll::wink:

I think your being short changed my friend! You have spent way to many hours doing someone elses job, when you should be taking care of you and getting your strength and hip hop back.


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Just saw your post. Been out of town...

Seems the term """PRACTICING PHYSICIANS""" sure fits the bill.

Calling all doctors who received credentials from the (((CRACKER JACKS BOX))).

Sending you lots of prayers. You don't need to be going through this with doctors. This imcompetance makes me crazy with anger and I'm not a hostile person. Reminds me of the call today from City of Hope. Stupid doctors... grrrrrrr Anyone proof the doctors reports? :x:roll:

God Bless, and hugs,


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Chiming in late with an "UNBELIEVABLE"... and the old mantra "anything that can go wrong will...". Hope you get this cleared up and that the tumour turns out to be something totally else, a lump of scar tissue or maybe just some misplaced phlegm?

Good luck with the chemo. We're all going to think of you on New Year's Eve - it's an image that's hard to forget!

Keep on fighting the good fight -- we know you will!


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